We are back!

Please start here!
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Re: We are back!

Post by Ranch Dog »

Thanks, JRex... doing all that. When it comes down to it, you will eventually figure it out if you want in. I've never figured out why someone is so desperate to bother.

Anyway, there are some problems with the nuts and bolts of the forum that will eventually mean its demise. It was moved from one server to another without my involvement, breaking the coding being PHP and SQL. The new server has limited my access, so the odds of me repairing what is wrong are nil. We are good for a while, but not forever.
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Re: We are back!

Post by pepperpete »

Thought I'd lost you. Now have found you again :D
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Re: We are back!

Post by 2dollarbill »

250 Shots
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Re: We are back!

Post by Sarge »

Ranch Dog wrote: 10 Aug 2023 14:13 It has been a long road. We will see how it goes. I still have a lot of things to work on, as most of my customized coding will not work. We will be using a stock version of the forum software; keeping it up to date is easier. I'm sorry the forum has been down so long. This is a monumental task. Hopefully, we will see members returning.

Starting work on the Lee Loader forum now.
Thank you my fiend. This is one of the most polite and enjoyable firearms forums I visit, and I missed it.
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Re: We are back!

Post by jstanfield103 »

Thank you, so glad, very glad to see you back up. I had given up hope and moved the site off my bar at the top of the browser. So glad I decided to check on it today. Thanks for the hard work bring it back.
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Re: We are back!

Post by Strawdawg »

Thanks for putting so much effort into getting back!

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Re: We are back!

Post by LowKey »


Welcome back!
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