+p loads in the 92

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Re: +p loads in the 92

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Isn't that how it works? You shoot T-Rex. Whoever gets up first wins?
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Re: +p loads in the 92

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cavelamb wrote: 23 Aug 2023 12:33 And there is a disclamer on the box that says they are NOT RESPONSIBLE for dislocated shoulders!

340 grain bullet at 1478 fps.

That's gonna hurt - on both ends.
And that is from a 7½" Revolver. From a 20" Rifle, expect 1700 fps....
1700 fps and 340 grains is around 2180 fpe.
That is still much less, than I get from my light 6½ pound rifle in 30-06... (aprox 2800 fpe)
That one used to be a B"#¤h to shoot, until I got a Can on it.
Happy Shooting from Greenland
Jesper Rex
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