Ruger finally released a real lever gun

Chiappa, Marlin, Mossberg and non-Rossi Manufactured Pumas plus anything else with a leveraction.
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Re: Ruger finally released a real lever gun

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golfish wrote: 28 Aug 2023 11:12
GasGuzzler wrote: 30 Mar 2023 06:12 I don't buy Marlins made after 2000 and I will never pay that much for a Ruger copy of one even though it looks well made. Rugers and Marlins are supposed to be well built and inexpensive but with $750 new Single Sixes and $900 new Blackhawks, inflation has killed prices on everything.
lol, I don't think that I've ever seen a poster so negative as you. I sense a lot of jelly.

You should really take a long look at JM, Remington and Ruger guns. Rather then post what you have read you'll actually have some experience. Without a doubt Remington and Ruger have made the best Marlins ever made. JM guns were never all that great.

There's this thing called inflation....check it out too
I have a few Marlins. The new one is from 1988. I have a couple from the '50's and one from 1983. Not many Marlins from the '70's-on are desirable to me. So, no...not "jelly". The 336 is the only one being copied by Ruger right now. I doubt Ruger will make a 39A, a 783, or a 22" Model 60 to "repalce" my classics.

Yep, Marlin made bad JM guns for at least a decade before the trash Remington made for a while. That's what I said in the post you quoted. Remington figured it out in time to sell to Ruger. That was not said. Ruger seems to be making good products. I said in the post you quoted too. I have no use for laminate, big loops, fiber sights, or a thick butt pad on a lever gun.

I blamed inflation for the insane prices so your advice is to check out inflation? Thanks.

1951 336 RC .30-30 WIN "classic" ... price driven to nearly 3X what I paid for it 5 years ago by new versions and old politics.

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Re: Ruger finally released a real lever gun

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I want 'em to make a 39A "Mountie." I'm originally from Texas and lever guns are in my DNA. Economics are always a hardship. But (for now) not insurmountable :)
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Re: Ruger finally released a real lever gun

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US$ 1400 today equals around US$ 122 in 1955...

But as the 1955 price was only $68.95 they are somewhat more expensive, today.
Picture borrowed from eBay, and is supposedly an Add, from 1955
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