New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Rossi's classic designs for home and self defense, hunting, or range work.
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New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Post by Arroyoshark »

Seeing some news releases for new Rossi .357 mag. revolvers. They look nice. ... revolvers/

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Re: New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Post by kaycee »

Thanks for the link. Yes, they look nice. Hopefully they will have larger production numbers than in the past with better quality. It won't steer me away from my Colt snake guns or my S&W wheel guns, but I'm always looking for an excuse to own more.
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Re: New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Post by HarryAlonzo »

Can the 44s be far behind?
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Re: New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Post by Trumpet »

That RP63 looks nice.
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Re: New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Post by Jeff H »

Hey, Guys. I've been a member here a long time, but don't get over here that much, but wanted to chime in on the new Rossi Revolvers. I'll do a search here when I can get a few minutes, so if I repeat something someone's already said - my apologies. I'm not being sloppy/lazy - I just don't get much time and really wanted to share what info I have with those who also appreciate Rossi stuff.

I got the RP63 several months ago. I am a big fan of Charter Arms revolvers and 3" DAs in particular. My current CCW is a stainless, 5-shot, 3" 357 Mag, Mag Pug. I've owned several of the 3" 44s over time - Charter, Rossi, Taurus. Migrated to 357 as the climate has changed regarding component availability, cost and impending retirement (small, fixed income).

Taurus came out with their 605 and I grabbed one of those. What a little gem! Perfect in all respects except the horrendous trigger pulls, which can't be improved to the level of other guns, but I won't go into that right now, but it has a lot to do with the design, so when Rossi started advertising the RP63, I sold the 605.... and waited, and waited, and waited... Finally found one and paid less than I did for the Taurus!

The RP63 is a significant step up from the Taurus, and the Taurus was much better than I'd seen in years, so the Rossi is a really nice revolver. It looks a lot nicer than most of the Smiths I see under glass at Rural King. Honestly, better than the Colts too, to me, because I don't like the shiny stainless.

The big thing about the RP63 is that Rossi, even though made by Taurus, seems to have insisted on going back to the old-style Smith-type lockwork, which alleviates the problems the Taurus design carries with the ridiculously heavy trigger pulls - at least in the small-frame revolvers. The insides of this Rossi was spotless. No dirt, no junk, no burrs to speak of. There were a few "gates" which were a little proud on the rebound slide and the interior sliding surfaces on the frame had the same satin finish as the outside. Once I addressed those few friction sources and cut 1.5 coils off the trigger return spring, the trigger pulls were pretty much identical to the M720s Ive had. The SA FEELS "too light," but measures four pounds it just breaks that cleanly. VERY little tuning on the inside of this gun and it is great.

The rear sight notch is way too shallow and narrow. Mine is actually cut a little off-center, to the left and... it shoots a little to the left, so I will have to widen (and deepen) the rear sight notch to correct this. The chambers are nice, bore looks great. Timing, lockup and alignment is excellent. Throats are pretty consistent and just over .358", while the groove diameter in the barrel is slightly less, so it shot several load levels with cast bullets - none of which leaded the gun. The forcing cone is like one of those funnels you use to put gas in an old tractor - cavernous, yet it is smooth and doesn't cause any problems. The Taurus had a huge forcing cone too, and that one was a bit picky about what cast bullets it would shoot. This Rossi was just fine with relatively soft bullets lubed with tumble lube or powder-coated, 146 grain wadcutters, through 180 grain WFNs. All were accurate at ten yards, but I've not had time to shoot it farther than that. If I can shoot 1 1/2" groups at ten yards with those sights and my bifocals (and I'm getting rusty), it'll do fine at 25 and 50, once I fix the rear sight.

I HATE the rubber grip. It is horrid, too big, too sticky and does not fit my hand. It's weird, like it is set up so you can "choke up" on in to get the centerline of the bore lower, but also designed si that you can't do that. It's a very uncomfortable "in between" kind of deal. Some people do like it. I got a set of the black rubber Hougues that come on the 605, with an exposed back strap and modified to make them fit the Rossi. Since the Rossi grip frame is different, it isn't beautiful but works well enough until I make a set that fits.

People who know more about Colts and Smiths say that the RP63 is "Colt, D-Frame-sized," or "larger than a J-Frame, but smaller than a K-Frame." Only because the bottom of the cylinder frame is wider than the Charter Bulldog frame, does it NOT fit in the same holsters. Even though it's a six-shot, the cylinder is only .010" larger in diameter than the Bulldog's cylinder. The cylinder stop/bolt is right over the chambers and it's pretty thin right there, but this is a small, relatively light gun, so I won't be shooting thousands of full-power magnum loads through it.

Weight-wise, it's slightly lighter than a 3" SP101 and slightly heavier than the 3" Charter Mag Pug. I like 'em light - been spoiled by Charter Arms since 1982, but the slight increase on this Rossi doesn't even come close to being a negative to me with all the other positives. I'm pretty darned tickled with this gun and I'd say it's THE perfect stainless, 3" 357. The only one I think might compare, and I've not handle one is maybe the new 3" Colts, whatever they call them.

I hope this helps anyone who's been thinking about one of these. I'm impressed. I'm even thinking about selling the 3" LCRX (38 Special) and getting another RP63. The LCRX is really UGLY, but is a nice gun with good triggers. It weighs less than a pound, but is as big as the RP63.

My one biggest hangup with buying Rossi guns is their parts/repair policy. If not for that, I'd have sold that Ruger already. I'm just still trying to decide if I want too many Rossis, regardless of how nice they are, when parts/repairs are such a hassle.
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Re: New Rossi Revolvers in 2023

Post by Johnz »

I like that this gun still uses the hammer nose firing pin. Just a quirk of mine but I much prefer the look of the firing pin in the hammer where just about all other manufacturers have switched over to the frame mounted firing pin.

Also, I too am looking forward to a 44 mag model coming down the pike.
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