Info Needed - R22S

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Info Needed - R22S

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Curious if anyone knows anything about a R22S? Mostly I'm just trying to ballpark when this might of been made. Its a single shot stainless 22LR with a 24in barrel & plastic sights. Marked 'A. Rossi' on the receiver with R22S and SN on the bottom. Being 'A' for Amadeo, guess that dates it before Braztech? (1997) but there no [Interarms] import mark either.

Online I did see one auction item for a magazine page referencing this model. It described what options, caliber, finish..... it was offered with. And apparently was advertised as a Single-Shot model not to be confused with the more common Matched Pair.

Also when I search online, everything in my query changes from R22s to RS22 because I guess that's a current model? Just frustrating.

Fun little rifle though. Recently removed the plastic sights and added a red dot to it

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