New Rossi rim fire

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New Rossi rim fire

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 07 Feb 2020 16

Not that I need another 22LR, but I think I could get into the new Gallery, providing of course that it's not vapor ware. And I want my hands on one before I fully commit.

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Re: New Rossi rim fire

Postby Ranch Dog » 07 Feb 2020 19

I've been owning Rossi's for a while now, and they have never made everything that the catalog or website offered up. I hope the prove me wrong.
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Re: New Rossi rim fire

Postby Archer » 08 Feb 2020 15

I am not certain that ANY of the manufacturers who are making more than a couple models with a couple variants have ever put out what is in their catalog.

Remington has claimed to put out a lot of variations in their promotional literature and their website that I'm not certain have ever been available and I am all but certain have never been produced in the same year they've been advertised. I recall when I first took the Hunter's Safety course sometime around 74 maybe the course book was published by Remington and featured a center spread with all the Remington rimfire rifles lined up as a feature comparison chart and their must have been 25 or 30 different models pictured on the double page spread. I think every variation of Nylon they ever made was there plus bolt and pump actions maybe more.

There's often been glowing articles written in the gun mags or online about this or that gun that you NEVER EVER see one in a store. SHOT show and the distributor shows often display firearms or even have them available for trial that never actually make it to market and sometimes those who do are swiftly withdrawn either to reappear as a redesigned variation or to disappear entirely.

Now that Remington has absorbed DPMS and Bushmaster there's not even a mention of many of the models either company used to produce. Remington has also decided to absorb and relabel Para Ordinance. On the one hand maybe Remington labeled 1911s will finally be worth looking into. On the other hand Para was making some excellent guns under that label and slapping a Remington roll stamp on them isn't going to improve them.

The R51 pistols generated glowing gun-rag reviews including in the Rifleman. When they came out at the distributor show my friends who went came back and said they didn't even try to fire them. Seems the lines were super long but the jamming at the firing line was horrible and the Remington staff were hosing them down with CLP and opening new ones every couple trials. After about a year of poor results Remington withdrew the gun from sale and spent a couple years or more figuring out what was the difference between the hand fitted versions that went to the gun rags and the production models that wouldn't work. They reissued the guns and they generally appear to work but there was a lot of damage done to the reputation of the model and IMO to the Remington label as a result of not checking the production item for basic function before they started selling it.

We ALL know about the same basic thing happening to Marlin once Remington purchased it. An entire year or two of producing firearms that simply were not right. Barrels not clocked correctly, spring detents that were jammed in place. Dented receivers and wood that looked like it was checkered by a six year old with a kitchen knife. If you dared buy one and then send it in for warranty work it often came back with bigger problems than it had when you sent it in looking like some idiot ran it over with a forklift in addition to the initial problems that were to be addressed.

Back in the 1980s at least one of the gun rags did a glowing review on a Marlin lever action in .45 ACP. They MIGHT have made a few of them but after the article I never heard another word about that firearm. Maybe someone pointed out that with the prohibition on firing round nosed ammunition your average buyer wasn't going to be able to find anything to shoot through it within 100 miles of where they lived unless they rolled their own ammo.

I'm sure we all have other examples of guns that were 'offered' until it came to the point of trying to get your hands on one. I recall ordering at least three guns that existed and were 'available' production items in stock only to come up without them when multiple stocking distributors came up dry.
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Re: New Rossi rim fire

Postby HarryAlonzo » 28 Jun 2020 08

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Re: New Rossi rim fire

Postby GasGuzzler » 28 Jun 2020 18

I'll keep my 1951 Marlin 39A.
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