New Henry lever

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Re: New Henry lever

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 26 Jan 2020 11

Archer wrote:I can't say I particularly like the looks of the Henry but it is nice to see the side loading gate. Hopefully they don't sharpen the edge of it razor thin like Marlin seems to do on their pistol caliber carbines but it LOOKS Marlinesque.


Not just the pistol lengths they do it to their 1895s in 45/70. My only real complaint about mine. I mean with modern manufacturing what would it take ti break the edges 30 seconds including the tool change?

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Re: New Henry lever

Postby Archer » 28 Jan 2020 02

I have a .444 and a .45-70 Marlin. I haven't noticed the sharp edge on them but then again I haven't played with them at the range nearly enough either.
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Re: New Henry lever

Postby If1Hitu » 29 Feb 2020 23

I am thinking about buying one,haven't made up my mind.
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