Cleaning The M92

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Cleaning The M92

Postby Czechbikr » 15 Dec 2019 09

Brand new 357 and I'm in deep love already. I don't think it's just an infatuation as I've chased this babe for a long time. I was surprised that the lifter had a grainy, pebbled surface and thought that could be an issue. It ran everything I fed it just fine. I don't really feel a need to detail strip the rifle to slick it up as the functioning it just fine for what I intend for it at this time, being just a range gun. What do owners do to clean them without breaking them down?
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Re: Cleaning The M92

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 15 Dec 2019 11

I use a pull through like the Viper or the cable style like Remington sells I particularly like the Remington swoobs. They are the orange rubbery things that fit tight in the bore and chamber and do a good job of cleaning after a pull through brush.

As a last resort I've used a brass muzzle guide and cleaned from the front end.

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Re: Cleaning The M92

Postby Ranch Dog » 16 Dec 2019 07

I don't have a problem with cleaning a rifle from the muzzle, I've been shooting leverguns 51 years now and haven't hurt one yet. I always use a brass muzzle guide. To prevent debris from being pushed back into the action, I start by using a pull-through type cleaner. My favorite has become the PatchWorm. That system introduced me to the VFG product line, and I used the Super Intensive Wool Pelts for most of my cleaning needs. I purchase them through Buffalo Arms.
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