DIY Target Camera

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DIY Target Camera

Postby SaltH2Odeprived » 29 Jun 2019 23

Recently while browsing I found Target Camera Systems, pretty cool but cost 400 - 800+.
Then I found a forum discussion about home built target cameras using drone camera, transmitter, receiver and a DVD player for a monitor, cost 200 - 300 dollars.
This inspired and got me thinking.
Here is what I built using retired electronics I had sitting on shelfs.
Two old iPhone 4s, they can’t get cellular but they can connect to local WiFi networks.
Each have a free app call AirBeam, a remote accessible security camera app that lets you view the phones camera remotely. I have a dual band 2.4ghz/5ghz Router with external antennas to create a local WiFi network the phones can join. I learned that 2.4ghz is the best choice for distance. The system needs to be portable, the Router 110v power cable outputs 19v, so I am powering it with a small 35ah 12v deep cycle battery and a small 110v inverter.
I had to buy the inverter so I now have 25 dollars invested.
My hope was to get at least 100 yards range with this setup, my camp range is 200 yards but hoping for that would surely be disappointment.
I field tested the setup today and was very pleasantly surprised at the results!
The iPhones were able to stay connected to the Router 185 yards away, that is, each direction.
The Router in the middle an iPhone in camera mode 185 yards to the south, and an iPhone remotely viewing 185 yards north of the Router for a total range of 370 yards!!
I did not discover absolute max range, it was too hot and uncomfortable outside, this is Texas.
Photo is a screenshot from the remote viewing phone looking at the target camera phone 370 yards away!!
Remotely, I can turn live HD video stream on/off, activate camera floodlight on/off. Using iPhone system settings I activated the zoom feature for visual impairment, this gives a zoom and pan capability to the monitoring. The phone at the target was about three feet in front and to the side of target and is mounted on a camera tripod. I will make a steel plate to place behind the phone for protection from stray shots... not mine of course ;-)
I can have both camera phones online and setup at different targets.
The app is not required to view the cameras, phones and tablets can access cameras with a web browser, multiple viewers, simultaneously. Will be fun with group target shooting games. In addition to live stream viewing, recording can be activated remotely! Might be fun to setup a couple of these remote cameras at different angles around the feeder when hunting.
Viewing on my iPad is amazing.
I can tape some clear acetate over the screen and mark shots with a dry eraser.

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Re: DIY Target Camera

Postby Ranch Dog » 30 Jun 2019 04

Great thinking and good use of spent phones!

SaltH2Odeprived wrote:I can tape some clear acetate over the screen and mark shots with a dry eraser.

Screenshots would be simpler. When I am doing load work, I like to keep track of each shot against its hit. I take a screenshot of each hit, and when I get to my targeting software, I record each shot in the proper order. Doing this helps me relate the small changes; FPS against POI.
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