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Coote from New Zealand

Postby Coote » 31 May 2019 20

Thanks for approving my membership application Ranch Dog.

I live in Nelson which is located near the northern end of New Zealand's South Island. My wife and I currently make most of our living through producing and selling artwork made from glass and stainless steel.

I have been a hunter for a long time. I'm told I shot my first rabbit when I was five years old. There were a lot more rabbits around in those days... a few years back someone introduced a disease to control them so I don't see them as often.

I live in a valley on the outskirts of the city where there are a number of lifestyle properties. I am fortunate to have made friends with some of the locals who allow me to hunt on their land. I've never seen a deer around here, but there are low numbers of rabbits, hares, Australian brushtailed opossums, pigs and goats that wander through from time to time. Because there are houses and people nearby, I will often hunt with a suppressed .22 LR using subsonic ammo. About 18 months ago I purchased a 16 inch stainless Rossi .357 lever-action. I just love it. I have been loading subsonic cartridges for it, although I have no plans to ever fit a suppressor. I feel better using lower-powered loads near inhabited areas.

Occasionally I hunt further afield where I might encounter red or fallow deer. Elsewhere in our country we have wapiti (elk?), sika, rusa, sambar, wallabies, chamois and tahr. Although I might like to brag to my brothers or nephew if I happen to get a big set of tusks, I am not at all a trophy hunter. I'm more inclined to leave deer with nice heads to breed... preferring to put a young stag with deformed antlers into the freezer.

I enjoy growing, and hunting for, our own food. We have a very small back yard, but it produces a considerable amount of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

When I was young it seemed that any centerfire cartridge other than .303 British was a rarity. A lot of people hunted with military Lee-Enfields, and it was common for them to use the fully jacketed mk vii military ammo. This stuff often just went straight through the animal, but put in the right spot it was very effective. It was accurate too.

Best wishes....
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Re: Coote from New Zealand

Postby HarryAlonzo » 31 May 2019 21

Welcome! Nothing better than a 16 inch 92 for field carry.
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Re: Coote from New Zealand

Postby akuser47 » 01 Jun 2019 17

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Re: Coote from New Zealand

Postby Mongo » 04 Jun 2019 08

Howdy from Texas, and welcome.

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Re: Coote from New Zealand

Postby Ranch Dog » 05 Jun 2019 07

Welcome to the forum!
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