The River Flows, it flows to the Sea

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Re: The River Flows, it flows to the Sea

Postby Arroyoshark » 04 Dec 2018 17

Mad Trapper wrote:
Arroyoshark wrote:Here is a link to a number of his articles.

Thank you Arroyoshark,
Ive got it on favorites, excellent reference material.

de nada, Trapper !

Might say that I am not as big a fan of Skeeter Skelton as you. He ended up costing me a bunch of money many years ago. You see I used to read all his articles. Skelton was so conversational, engaging, personal and pragmatic in his reviews of arms, obviously not just writing from the manufacturer's press kit, it almost was as if he were sitting with you on the porch, boots up on the rail, discussing it all with ya, and just sucked me right in.

When he was done, he left with me a need to have one of what he was testing. Very hard on the wallet.

I recall he was an admirer and user of the .45-70 lever guns and Winchester 1892's, so he would have fit right in here.
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Re: The River Flows, it flows to the Sea

Postby Mad Trapper » 04 Dec 2018 20

yes indeed.
He did a lot with the 44 special, right behind Elmer.
I was reading his article where an interviewer asked him, during the cuban missile crisis in the early 60s, if he had to flee to the mountains what firearm wold he take?
He said a S&W 357 mag, backed up with a ruger blackhawk in 357 mag.
And a military canvas bag with the lyman 310 die set, pot and ladle for lead melting, one mold, 358156, primers, checks, extra lead, spare brass,couple lbs of powder,etc.
I have that setup in 357 mag, 44 mag and 30-30 / 30 carbine.
But not sure which one i would grab.
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