Tell me about Lil' Gun?

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Re: Tell me about Lil' Gun?

Postby bamboozler » 28 Apr 2018 16

I use H110 in my magnum handguns now and have so for many years. Lil' Gun has a little more nitro in for extra velocity and sometimes with less powder. Some say forcing cone/barrel erosion is faster with Lil' Gun.

H110 I'm sold on because of its low standard deviation, accuracy and high velocity.
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Re: Tell me about Lil' Gun?

Postby Archer » 06 May 2018 17

I've been using 2400 for .44 Mag.
H110 for .357 and .30 Carbine

.50 Beowulf has very limited data available due to it being a proprietary cartridge and I suspect Alexander Arms reputation within the industry as arrogant and a horse's rear end to deal with hasn't helped matters in that regard. Some component manufacturers have chosen not to develop any data unless and until the cartridge is standardized by SAAMI. (6.5 Grendel for example has gone through at least a couple iterations during which the bolt face dimension varies by .010".) Nobody wants to buy the chamber reamers or pressure barrels etc. do all the work and then find they've used an obsolete set that has to be ditched and done again.

I picked up a 4lb jug to use with the Beowulf at the shop near work. I figure I paid a premium price but it was handy. A few of the online sources have apparently be a little spotty during the Obama years..
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Re: Tell me about Lil' Gun?

Postby m-saunoras » 12 May 2018 15

I have quite a selection of magnum powders, H110, 2400, AA #9, 1680 and IMR 4227. No lil gun though, the barrel erosion stigma has me worried enough not to try it.
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