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The Rossi Model R92, a lightweight carbine for Cowboy Action, hunting, or plinking! Includes Rossi manufactured Interarms, Navy Arms, and Puma trade names.
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Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

24 Jun 2018 12

Occasionally still go to one. Once in a long while it's a place to find an oddball magazine without paying $15 in shipping or handling charges or possibly a firearm not otherwise easily found in circulation.

Otherwise it's a place to pick up a knife, maybe some ammo (with the idiot rules here in CA) or a few ammo cans.

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

24 Jun 2018 14

Maybe the new internet tax laws will force more FTF action.

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

24 Jun 2018 20

I wouldn't mind going once a year or so but the parking and ticket costs are crazy

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

25 Jun 2018 08

Yesterday I attended the larger, semi-monthly show at the fair grounds in Des Moines. This show always has lots of guns, scopes, reloading supplies, accessories, etc. I'm not aware of jerky being available.

Usually there are four or five R92s available at this show. Yesterday I saw just one -- a 16" .45 Colt for $589. I counted five Winchester 92s, all 32-20 or 25-20. All well over $1000. All in pretty poor condition.

I did walk out with a prize, though. A T/C Hawken .50 in close to perfect condition for $200. Three others were on other vendors' displays at $400 to $500 that weren't near as nice. I don't often do this well. It felt good.

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

25 Jun 2018 09

dlidster wrote:i'm not aware of jerky being available.

Well then can you really call it a gunshow?

Kidding, nice find though, the show i went to was solely for window shopping, next time i go its gonna be with a wad of cash for some real dealmaking

Interesting to see (and not see) Rossis are making to displays, im not in the market for another but still wondering if its true that thwyre kicking up production despite that barren 2018 catalog

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

04 Jul 2018 22

There are no shows for about 2 whole months in this area, the next is late August. I try to hit every show within 50-60 miles. I know a lot of enthusiasts avoid gun shows but I can always find something I have no chance of seeing anywhere else. Though I have bought a few guns off Gunbroker I am not a big fan. No chance of seeing the gun in person and less chance of getting it for a fair price. I have wasted a fair amount of time watching auctions only to see the item go 2-300 dollars higher than it should have. Great for sellers which I am not.

Also no new Rossi's have shown up anywhere yet.

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

05 Jul 2018 05

Exactly why I freak out when people say their this or that is worth $XXX because that's what people pay on Gunbroker. A few people with money to burn can really inflate the value of anything in an online auction. Try and get that price face to face locally and find yourself committed to the loony bin.

Re: Maybe the LGS knows something?

11 Jul 2018 19

The same LGS must have pulled a 45 colt ranch hand out of the basement too. I have seen a few ranch hands at gun shows but no new ones.

Believe it or not this was sold as new and the serial number puts it at 2011. It's my first ranch hand, I really want to SBR it.

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