R92 Availability?

The Rossi Model R92, a lightweight carbine for Cowboy Action, hunting, or plinking! Includes Rossi manufactured Interarms, Navy Arms, and Puma trade names.

Re: R92 Availability?

Postby woden » 04 Dec 2017 12

I saw three new Rossi 92's yesterday at the Grand Rapids MI gun show. One was .357, blue 20", same .44 and .45lc. I saw the same at a Dunhams store also.

Seems like they are comming back around here. Now when are the .454's comming in?
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Re: R92 Availability?

Postby desertrider » 05 Dec 2017 11

I've noticed over the last decade or so that Rossi availability has been either feast or famine. Some times they could be found everywhere, and other times you wouldn't see one for over a year.

In my neck of the woods, aside from dedicated mom and pop gun stores, there are two chains that always carry some form of lever gun. Big 5 (statewide) and Turners Outdoorsman (primarily So Cal).

Back in '13 when I decided to finally get my R92 it was one of the famine years. Man I searched all over SoCal looking for any shop that had one for maybe five months before Big 5 had a Christmas sale and each store had a limited number on hand. There are eight Big 5's within a 25 mile radius of my home and I finally found one and convinced the manager to hold it for me until I could get there.
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