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Finally tested my CJ

PostPosted: 21 May 2017 07
by Oz judge
Well finally got to play around with the latest addition . Only used 410 buck loads today, & was a little bit disappointed . Maybe I was expecting too much from the 410! 25 yards is the max effective range I found. Pdx1 by far was the best in my CJ. The 3 rounds I tryed were 2 1/2" pdx1 , 2 1/2" win sxz 000 & federal 3" 000 5 pellet loads. The 2 1/2" win 000 buck was hopeless! Even at 15 yards i couldn't group them on a 1x2 foot target. I had high hopes for the fed 3" 000 & bought 200 rounds for $275! Well they were a bit disappointing , I would get the odd random tight group at 20 yards. Most I'd be lucky to get 3 pellets some where on the target. To me the surprise was the flat discs at even 25 yards I could keep the 3 discs inside the 1x2 foot target. The bb's were of no use at all. At 30 yards I was lucky to get one disc inside the target. So that's how I came up with 25 yards maximum range. I will try & get some 3" pdx1. 4 disc loads next to try. I will be using these for hunting pigs at close range, so the bb's are useless to me but I understand they are handgun defensive rounds . Oh well that's my findings. Cheers all.

Re: Finally tested my CJ

PostPosted: 21 May 2017 09
by Mad Trapper
Probably due to the barrel rifling.
But 25 yards isnt bad.
Just use 410 for up close defense or small game hunting.
then load with 45 colt when you need more range.

Make it more versatile with adapters, but they are smooth bore and will probably keyhole at 25 yards. ... 410-Judge/

Re: Finally tested my CJ

PostPosted: 21 May 2017 18
by Moon Tree
Years ago I did my own informal test with a .410 on squirrels. I clean about 30 squirrels taken with this shotgun that year. Autopsy, revealed that 5 or more #6 shots in the vitals (head and/or chest) were in each squirrel I recovered. I used that as my bottom line for a clean kill. My Stevens model 59B was near 100% at 25 yards. Around 80% at 30 yards and dropped off to putting 5 shots in vital to 60% of the time at 35 yards. I'd call most .410's a 25 yard gun.

Re: Finally tested my CJ

PostPosted: 21 May 2017 21
by HarryAlonzo
My Savage Model 24 22/.410 O/U is most definitely that. It does very well with #6 shot bunny loads, and terrible with buckshot, slugs or plate/shot defensive loads.

Hmmm, you made me go look, and now I'm going to try some of these: ... g-defense/

And here's the referenced article (CJ review) that provides more info: ... 0-carbine/

I think the cheesecake pictures are a bit inappropriate, but that's the web for ya.