Circuit judge 45/410

The unique revolver-cylinder fed rifle. Chambered in 22 Rim Fire, 44 Mag, and 45 Colt/.410 bore.

Re: Circuit judge 45/410

Postby paperboy » 26 Mar 2016 15

I have used my CJ with a Trueglow red dot, a Bushnell shotgun scope and a Leatherwood scout scope. I can use them all with both eyes open. I like the Leatherwood scope the best because it is placed forward out of the way of access to the hammer. The Bushnell scope mounts too far back and kind of blocks free access to the hammer by the thumb. But most of all, the scout scope looks 'boss' on the CJ. They kind of compliment each other. The other sights just look like attachments.

I like the Trueglow for trap. Just put the big red circle in the path of the clay target and you'll hit it. No need to crank your neck uncomfortably to line up front and rear sights. The shotgun scope is best for relatively close, slow or non-moving targets (< 75 yards) like turkeys.

If you decide to get a laser, don't get a red laser. You can't see them on the target further than 15 yards out. Get a good green laser. It shines much further and remains visible even in sunlight. But, since the CJ is a rifle, the scout scope is best for targets over 75 yards.
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Re: Circuit judge 45/410

Postby Bibletotingunslinger » 31 Mar 2016 20

Thanks for the post paperboy, but you scratched open a sore spot with me. Utah Fish And Game wont let us hunt Turkey with 410.
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