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Re: BraztechUSA's Replacement Parts Policy

PostPosted: 26 Sep 2013 11
by pricedo
Ranch Dog wrote: Personally, I'm expecting a change in the way replacement parts are handled

Good luck with that.Image +corn
Nothing ventured......nothing gained......doesn't hurt to try. :mrgreen:

Re: BraztechUSA's Replacement Parts Policy

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2013 12
by Ranch Dog
Thought I would add an update to Braztech efforts. Mr. Kressner had said that they would be evaluating and correcting the part issues one model at a time. Very quietly, a "Parts" tab has appeared on the Taurus TCP pages. At present, it simply identifies the kits and individual parts that have been made available. I'm sure they started with this model as I suspect it is a sales leader. I checked the ATF stats, and in the last two years they have manufactured a 165,000 of them. He, Mr. Kressner, had said that they would post the list of parts as they became available and then work on a method of making them available online.

I say "well done" and I truly believe that he intends to make it happen. I also understand why they would start where they did. As soon as the TCP parts are available online, that takes a huge number of calls out of the customer service system. I suspect the Rossi's will be well down on the list as I cannot picture that type of volume in R92 sales against any of the Taurus handgun models.

Taurus 738 TCP Parts Tab

If you take the time to look at the two pages of lists, I'm sure you will find it awesome as the restricted parts are a minimum. 30 days ago, you could not purchase a single part for this firearm! As an owner who has three of these pistols, this is a huge step that has been taken and speaks well of this fellows effort!

Re: BraztechUSA's Replacement Parts Policy

PostPosted: 03 Nov 2013 14
by pricedo
A ladder step in the right direction........but it's still a long reach for the parts some 92 & RG owners need NOW seeing that hunting season is in full swing in many areas of North America.
It's not rocket science...........just create a vending site (or augment an existing site) and post a price list of parts or even simpler use the services of a jobber like Brownells. :mrgreen:
Other companies have been doing it for years......Rossi copied the guns so why not copy the parts distribution/sales infrastructure?
It's apparent the Braztech lawyers (most lawyers I have dealt with are ultra-liberal, arrogant, smug & anti-gun) have their clients convinced that we're a bunch of redneck (potentially violent), simple minded Neanderthals that can't be trusted to possess, use or fix dangerous stuff unless a suffocating regimen of checks and controls is in place.....a mistaken attitude unfortunately held by many liberal politicians and bureaucrats today.
I don't own a single Taurus handgun but when Rossi 92 & RG owners can order parts and actually receive them I'll write Kresner a Thank You letter personally.
Until then....."promises do not gun parts make" (Confucious :lol: ).

Re: BraztechUSA's Replacement Parts Policy

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2013 09
by Searcher4851
I hate to be reasonable, it's totally out of character for me, but I can almost see Rossi's point. If they have customers that are either unwilling or incapable of properly cleaning the shipping gunk out of their new firearm before shooting them, why would they be inclined to trust that individual to be capable of replacing his own parts?
Just a thought.

Re: BraztechUSA's Replacement Parts Policy

PostPosted: 09 Nov 2013 14
by pricedo
Another slant on it is why would Braztech change their policy if people are buying the products anyway?

Companies as a rule are amoral & only pressure brought to bear on them that affects their "bottom line" causes any real change.

Most people just rush into blind (sight unseen) purchases assuming because the product is new all is OK without researching the dealer, manufacturer or examining/inspecting the specific product they are buying.

This company (Braztech) has a track record of a total absence of quality control on their production lines and to date they will not sell you parts for your 92 or RG rifles if your gun breaks......a bad combination?......I think so.
You need to ship the gun at your own expense to Braztech CS to have even minor parts replaced. The old rule of BUYER BEWARE applies in spades when dealing with this company and its products.

The above knowledge is enough to steer me away from buying Braztech products sight unseen unless from a dealer with an in-writing, iron clad money back if defective guarantee.

But you guys keep spinning that Rossi Roulette Wheel........that's your hard earned & scarce money on the line & of course it's entirely your own business........GOOD LUCK! :mrgreen:

I checked my Rossi rifles from butt plate to muzzle crown under the watchful eyes of shop clerks before a single dime changed hands and have since put at least 1000 rounds down range through each & every one of them and haven't had to replace a single part or repair anything. All I did was strip, clean, deburr, polish and lubricate (what I call my Rossi Regimen) after I got them home and all 3 of them just keep on ticking like the Eveready battery add on TV.