Savage 99 take-down/250 Savage questions...

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Savage 99 take-down/250 Savage questions...

Postby alphalimafoxtrot » 09 Jun 2018 19

Hey guys.
I'm unfortunately being tempted once more on a couple of guns at the same time - from the same collection which I recently obtained my 1950 Marlin 336!

The main temptation is a 1917-date code Savage 99, a take-down model, in 250 Savage. Somewhat dirty, and a little worn, but bet it will clean up good. Has been drilled & tapped for a scope, which is a cheap looking '70s no-name (can't recall) but it does function. $400. What does anyone have to say about this deal? I think it sounds good for a project that functions well.

Next temptation is a 1914-1918 era Gewehr 98 sporterized pretty nicely. Rebarrelled in .30-06, polished blue, mismatched parts, and nicely bent bolt. Vintage Weaver K-4 scope. Typical 1950's/60's type "deluxe stock", if you know what I mean. Actually in good shape. $250.

Another teaser: the 5 or 6 (not kidding) various sporterized 1917 Enfields, ranging from $200-$600. Wish they had at least one in something other than .30-06, but not the oddball chamberings like the Weatherby jobs I've never really known anything about. They had all sorts of sporterized Enfields. Cheesy to cool-looking.

Of course, there was a 336 Marlin in .30-30 in nice shape for a decent price, but it was a post-lawyer safety button model which I have zero interest in.

I have a feeling there were more guns calling my name that I deliberately ignored. Like that rack of I don't know how many various SMLE's in good condition. Bunch of Browning A-5 iterations. Argh!! :roll:

OK that's it.
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Re: Savage 99 take-down/250 Savage questions...

Postby HarryAlonzo » 09 Jun 2018 20

Thumbs up on the Savage, with one caveat. If the take down is loose or sloppy, give it a pass. Nice caliber and a good price.

Thumbs up on the Mauser 98. Everybody should have one. The K4 is icing on the cake.

Don't know nuthin bout no Enfields.

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Re: Savage 99 take-down/250 Savage questions...

Postby GasGuzzler » 10 Jun 2018 05

Those don't tickle my fancy so they're all a pass for me.

Speaking on the 336 in .35 Rem....I attended the big Dallas Market Hall show yesterday and saw a '51 336SC in .35 Rem .... same year as my .30-30 336RC. I was perfect except the $650 price. Same year! I passed.
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