Caught a Colt (sort of) Uberti Replica SAA

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Re: Caught a Colt (sort of) Uberti Replica SAA

Postby Mad Trapper » 17 Jun 2018 11

Hey GG,
That be the perfect revolver, it will take care of anything if need be, it did in its time.
Sounds like it shoots real good also.
Ive been looking at them for some time.
The rossi 92 will go real good with it.
I have thought about this same combo for a few years now.
Excellent bullets to, wish mine came out perfect like that.
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Re: Caught a Colt (sort of) Uberti Replica SAA

Postby GasGuzzler » 17 Jun 2018 12

I actually went to Tom Thumb specifically to get wooden matches that I used to smoke the mold after a washed it before I used it.

I'll experiment further.
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