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Makarov 9x18 Grip

27 May 2018 08

The reliable Russian Makarov 9x18 single stack 9x18 pistol has an interesting grip.
It is relatively thin compared to its front to back dimension.
It fits the hands of some, but to me it feels like gripping a 1" by 2" piece of lumber.

The good news is that the Makarov internal magazine structure is quite narrow,
and the grip seems to be made out of sandable Bakelite, which is an early plastic.

As an experiment, an inexpensive replacement grip was sanded down
to provide contours on the rear using the rounded end of a belt sander.

The front to back dimensions were also reduced by sanding the rear only.
No changes were made to the grip's front, top, or bottom.

The modified contoured grip made it easier to manage recoil and
made the Makarov much more pleasant to shoot.



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Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

27 May 2018 16

Great work, I love those pistols never owned one though.

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

27 May 2018 18

Yes indeed, I love those pistols also.
A few years back when buds got in a bunch of zastavas, I picked up several, think they were around $199/$230 a piece.
https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/pro ... 9%2B1+Grip

I found a source for wood grips but never got around to getting them.
Haven't even shot them yet.
Took them apart and cleaned/inspected, heavy duty pistol, all steel, except for the grips

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

27 May 2018 20

I sold a copy of one of those last year. Recently the guy wanted to trade it back for one of the semi-auto Marlin .22s I have for sale right now. I said no. I kinda want it back though. Never shot it. Mine was a copy of a CZ or something....from the '70's or '80's. I know it was weird to take down and reassemble.

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

28 May 2018 06

Great engineering lowkey! I'm a CZ82 fan, mine is a 9x18 Makarov. It started as a very expensive test mule for a case bullet design, bought it so I could take a chamber cast, but once down the line when my inventory of molds arrived I found that this surplus pistol would keep up or outperform everything I had in the safe. So, I sent to a gunsmith I use for a complete, a like new rebuild. There was a fellow selling kevlar grips that where better contoured to the hand, so I bought OD green and white pearl. Ended up with the pearl as I liked the look. I just checked my bookmarked link to that site and it is no longer up.


I don't have a picture with a view from the back but there is a bit more "meat" to the grip.


I carry it with Fobus Kydex paddle (K40).


I always carry double magazine pouches on the support side and have a double Kydex pouch that was made by an outfit that does custom work, that site is also dead now. I've never cared for that pouch as it is too stiff and causes the magazines to dig into you while seated. I have a Leather double pouch on order from Craft Holsters. Its just a slick, black leather, snap over.

I carry it enough that I had the smith install night sights.


Here is the bullet's I shoot, my TL367-100-RF.


Glad to see others with the interest in the firearm!

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

28 May 2018 09

That looks real nice RD.
I always liked a flat sided pistol, tucks in the belt real nice.
When I was in Grenada I was issued an old 1911, it was WWII issue, couldnt hit the side of a barn with my nose pressed up against it.
But it would spit lead and shoot reliably.
Gave it a good cleaning while we were in camp out in the boonies.
I loaded up both mags, put one in the 1911 and the other in my cargo pocket.
Cut a piece of paracord, tied one end to the lanyard and the other to my belt loop and belt.
then kept it tucked under my belt.
Come nightfall I would use my rolled up bdu shirt as a pillow, and tuck the pistol underneath with my hand on the grip.
I remember it was a pleasure to carry while out and about doing what needed doing and never got in the way.

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

28 May 2018 14

Just watched a young Army PFC win some type of 1911 competition on TV. Kid was incredible, competing against a bunch of shooters who are used to wining. Funny that his pistol was made out of stock US Army parts by a US Army gunsmith.

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

29 May 2018 02

Ok, I can understand the Makorov. Not a bad little pistol although I've not made a detailed study of them.

CZ has made some VERY good handguns through the years. I've got a couple 52s, a 75B with a Kadet conversion kit and a 97B and I'm considering a 75 compact or P1. The 52s aren't bad for the era but everything else I've seen has been excellent.

As for the Tokerev and copies of it…
(I disagree with the constant comparisons to the 1911. I wanted to like these pistols. They have some good points and there have to be examples that are accurate and reliable but the ones I've fired or examined have left me less than impressed. Part of that is no doubt the ones that have made it to the U.S. have included a lot of worn out ones or crude wartime manufactured ones OR the typical Chinese shortcuts for ease of manufacture or cheaper materials without regard to function or longevity but even if that's the case the percentages of problem children are too high.)

These guns typically fire but I think the review comments at the Bud's link you posted give you a picture of some of the issues. Many of the 7.62x25 examples I've seen have left keyholes in the target at less than 5 yards. The fire control unit has been touted by some gunrag writers as innovative but the manufacturing is typically pretty crude. The Russian and East block examples that showed up in the U.S. ran the gambit from worn out to at least cosmetically good. The Chinese examples often were so rough as to not function. Some of the parts weren't always heat treated no matter where or when the pistols came from. From reports I've heard the 13 round versions weren't nearly as reliable as the single stack ones. There were often add on manual safeties added during importation that ran the gambit from useless and crude to halfway well done. They were imported by a number of outfits.
IF you got a 9x19mm TT-33 that was actually reliable and accurate you either got lucky or you put extra work into it (somewhat like we all do with the Rossi products) to make it so. While 7.62x25 guns can often be converted to 9mm it can lead to barrels that are thin depending on the profile. The fact that the 9x19 round is shorter and wider at the bullet can lead to feeding issues.

What I've seen from Zastava with other firearms has generally looked reasonably good although I've not seen their M57/M70/M88 guns. Being longer gripped than the TT-33s finding mags for the M57/M70 guns can be a pain.

Century has had inconsistent quality with their rifle builds over the years and I know of several shops that specialize in working on HKs, FN-FALs, AKs, M1 Garands or M1 Carbines that flat out will not accept a Century firearm. That's probably not relevant here as they are probably only putting their import mark on them. IF however they are modifying them or building them up out of 'parts kits' I'd be concerned.

A few of the reviews:
"The M70A (Serbian manufactured) pistol should meet your expectations (i. e. if you purchase a mid- to low-quality, inexpensive pistol, that was intended solely as somewhat of a novelty weapon\'s purchase to shoot infrequently). It is crudely manufactured, but functions well -- surprisingly. The machining could have been accomplished by a small group of primates in a metal shop; however, it does fire every time. The magazine doesn\'t fit firmly in the well and requires some manipulation to remove. The sights are rudimentary but are accurate once you\'ve shot the weapon a few times - not much different than a Colt Model 1873 SAA. I have access to a group of firearms techs who tuned the action slightly and removed some of the burrs (which are numerous), which rendered the pistol more functional. I am not criticizing this weapon for my own entertainment - I purchased it for slightly over $200.00, knowing (presuming) the level of quality/function. I wasn\'t disappointed. I would not carry this weapon to protect myself while trekking in the wild or rely on it for any other form of self-preservation....but I\'d recommended buying one if you can accept the above review."

"Purchased Spring of 2015 on sale for $200. Great pistol for the money. Out of the box after cleaning had 6 malfunctions of various types in 50 rounds. Sanded and polished the feed ramp and rails, pistol runs 100% now. Needs a break in. Rough machining on the internals, exterior is beautiful. Interesting design. Extra mags are almost nonexistent. Good project pistol for amateur gun smithing. Has a feel and point ability that is very 1911ish. This is no HK or Sig but in its price range a ton of fun. Thanks Buds."

"Just purchased my second M70A. I love it! prepare to spend 2-3 hours with fine sand paper, do a good cleaning and you will be good to go. Excellent product."

Like I said, I wanted to like these guns but when one of my college roommates bought one I started being unfavorably influenced. He eventually traded it for a CZ-52. I admit I wasn't initially impressed with that one either but it eventually grew on me. IF I see one of the Zastavas at the right price I may have to give it a try.

When the Makorov pistols started drying up Makorov dot com ran for a while providing pretty good support for several of the East Block firearm types but it finally shut down.

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

17 Jun 2018 18

Lowkey, very nice work!

Archer, you know you are comparing firearms that have a limited aftermarket support in the US (The Makorov and Tokerev you mentioned) with those you can get every single part new. I mean, if you get yourself a 1911 or a Brunin Hi power with a sewer pipe barrel, you would expect it to keyhole as much as the others.

On the reviews you mentioned, I can find an equal amount of ones saying they are accurate and reliable. I guess that means some people got good ones and others did not. Case in point I have a Norinco 213 with both 7.62x25 and 9x19 barrels and it is damn accurate. Since that is but a data point, there is nothing stopping the next one to have a barrel so buggered the entire cartridge can fall through it; and that is why I try to get extra barrels.

About Zastava M57 magazines, if you look you can find used original, new original, and new aftermarket. Maybe not at the local store. In 2 minutes I found new ones https://www.classicfirearms.com/m57-9rd ... y-magazine. Five bucks more than the Taiwanese-made T33 ones, but hey.

On a side note I would love to find why people are so obsessed with polishing ramps; be it a Hi Point, 1911, Glock, Taurus, there is always someone who ends up doing it. Are there that many pistols leaving factory with unfinished barrels or used pistols which have been fed rocks for bullets?

Re: Makarov 9x18 Grip

17 Jun 2018 19

You have to polish the feed ramps on all semi-auto pistols because the internet says so.
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