Tristar/Canik C100--CZ 75 Compact Clone

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Tristar/Canik C100--CZ 75 Compact Clone

Postby LowKey » 02 May 2018 18

Here's a pic of a Tristar/Canik C100, a clone of the CZ 75 Compact, in 40 S&W.

It is a steel frame pistol manufactured in a NATO facility in Turkey.
The workmanship seems top notch.
It was also imported in 9mm, and most say the 9mm has an aluminum alloy frame.

The extra heft of the steel frame helps make this 40 S&W a joy to shoot.
It is very very accurate. It is my favorite pistol today.

It does not appear that the C100 is still being imported.


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Re: Tristar/Canik C100--CZ 75 Compact Clone

Postby Archer » 08 May 2018 01

As you say, I've heard they aren't being imported any longer.
I'm a big fan CZs.
I own a 75B, a 97B, a Kadet conversion, a couple rifles, a couple 52s and I'm considering a third modern handgun from them.
I have a couple buds with two each of their handguns.
I've seen a Canik or two, but they aren't common here in Soviet Kalifornia. The last one I saw was being private party transferred to a fanboy of them who already had one or two of them.

Turkey makes some decent guns but I'm always a little leery as they are often discontinued from importation and then getting parts can be a real PITA. I've seen enough problem children, mostly in longarms and enough parts orphans, mostly in imports or smaller manufacturers, to make me leery of buying a clone when I can get the real thing at not much of a price increase. That's especially true where there's a goodly supply of spares for the real ones.
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