Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

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Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

Postby SaltH2Odeprived » 05 Jan 2018 13

Over the years I have modified/restored several Marlin and Glenfield 60s for family members. One really nice Glenfield Squirrel Stock Model was purchased at a gun shop and restored for my nephew. This year that nephew had his first child, a boy, and he asked me to find another Squirrel and fix it up for when his son becomes of age. I'm thinking OK, I've got plenty of time.
Well, my nephew found and bought a 1975 Glenfield Squirrel that had some issues, the biggest was an extra hole someone had drilled into the stock and hammered a 3/8 in hex nut into. I covered the hole by inlaying an Indian Head Penny that had belonged to the child's great grandfather. To go with the theme, I applied some copper colored baked on VHT Engine Enamel. The stock was stripped bare and refinished. Brass pillars were installed, receiver was bedded and barrel pressure points added to front of forearm to improve accuracy. Bolt was polished, action springs and recoil buffer replaced. Magazine loading slot was rotated to the right side for easier loading.
For good luck, hairs from Deer, Coyote and Squirrel was glued between the stock under the butt plate.
I have sent this Squirrel on to its journey with the next generation.

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Re: Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

Postby ethang » 05 Jan 2018 15

A model 60 just like that was the first rifle I ever purchased on my own. Mowed lawns for a couple weeks to get the money together. I still have it and will be passing it on to my grandson when he comes of age. Nice job on that one.
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Re: Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

Postby LowKey » 06 Jan 2018 00

Beautiful, what a great heirloom!
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Re: Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

Postby GasGuzzler » 06 Jan 2018 06

I bought one new enough to have the LSBHO and old enough to still have the long barrel and long magazine tube (1988 model) for a song a couple years ago. Looked to have been shot maybe 400 rounds of dirty bulk and never cleaned. Also had a layer of yacht on the wood and metal. Here's how it turned out.


For y'all serial number folks this ones starts with 123456
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Re: Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

Postby akuser47 » 07 Jan 2018 18

looks really nice +guns
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Re: Making a Glenfield Model 60 Family Heirloom

Postby Ranch Dog » 10 Jan 2018 10

Very nice and a great touch with the hairs!
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