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Savage in .243 Finally to the range

20 May 2017 02

Finally got my .243 Winchester caliber Savage out to the range and it is a KEEPER!
Ran a group out of it.
Buddy of mine ran a group out of it.
Did some scope adjustments.
Ran another group and got 1" 1" off the bullseye/point of aim at 100.
Sweet shooter. Was running it after my .30-06 and my .270 and could probably have shot it all day.
The gun is blued with plastic stock, accu trigger. It wears a Precision Reflex full rail with Warne rings and a Redding 6-18 scope. This is the gun I won and wasn't sure I wanted to keep. So far I've got a spare mag, the mount, rings and scope plus the ammo into it. Say something like $350 plus the rounds.

Both of the other guns kicked a bit more with the .270 getting uncomfortable after 3 groups. In spite of the laminated stock it's a lightweight. I could have shot the 06 a lot more. My bud managed to get scope bit on his first shot. He didn't realize it until he was pretty much dripping blood. Since he got kissed on his nose it didn't take long for it to be a mess. Managed to find a bandaid and keep him going for a while.

GOT to get out to the range more often!

Re: Savage in .243 Finally to the range

20 May 2017 07

Savage is making some awesome rifles. The biggest complaint I hear about them is week ejection but haven't experienced it with my three scouts nor the 340. Out of the box, the scouts (2 10FCMs and a 11) are the most accurate rifles I've ever shot.

On a public hunt I attended, they asked every hunter to take a simple shooting skills test at 50 yards, three shots. Later at a briefing, they had all kinds of data from the range. I know that this was at short range but they had a good cross section of the bolt action rifles you would find in the field. Hands down, the best groups (by a very wide margin) went to Savage. I found that interesting as that is what I see displayed by those that shoot on my range.

Re: Savage in .243 Finally to the range

20 May 2017 11

There's a lot to like about the .243 as a cartridge. I've been lusting after a Winchester Model 88 in .243 as the designated coyote rifle. Some of the long range precision guys still shoot .243, even though its popularity has waned. Sounds like a nice set-up! Enjoy!

Re: Savage in .243 Finally to the range

25 May 2017 23

I'm a big fan of Savage rifles. I have a .243 and a .270. I've taken deer out to 314 yards with and coyotes out to 300 yards and feral cats beyond 200 yard with my .243. Last deer season I took a small doe at 218 paces shooting from a kneeling position with one elbow on my knee. Last winter, I took a red fox at 325 yards with the .270 (yes a bit of over-kill for a fox, but it was the first rifle I could lay my hands on for this target of opportunity). Both, these rifles are tack drivers. IMHO, Savage makes the most accurate rifles for the money.
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