Figuring sight height

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Figuring sight height

Postby jamesgpobog » 10 Mar 2017 15

I'm still mucking through calculations for the sights on my new G2. The .22 is going to keep (for now) the factory sights, the 357 MAX and 303 Ackley are beiing set up with Williams FP-TC rear, and Lyman 17 front globe.

I've been cogitating (I just got that word on the Amazon Deal-of-the-Day for $5.95) on the process of measuring heights when a thought came to me (uh-oh...).

Since those barrels are .810 Bull, it seems that the barrel radius becomes meaningless, since the mount surface is the same plane. So, I think that means that with a .100 Marbles ramp, and a .404 #17 the height (at least for calculation purposes) is .504. Then, I simply set the elevation on the rear peep to .504. If the 0-0 position puts the adjustment range of the rear at either a high or low extreme, I would have to make a front adjustment with ramp, riser, or globe heights.

Am I thinking correctly?
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Re: Figuring sight height

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 12 Mar 2017 14

I believe so and i think both Marbles and Williams have sight height calculators on their sites.

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