How to mount sight?

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How to mount sight?

Postby jamesgpobog » 11 Feb 2017 18

OK, got my 2 custom barrels from MGM before the People's Republic of Kali will let me have the gun (pick it up Monday), so they don't have sights.

Because I squeak when I walk, I prefer iron over glass. Have 2 Williams target knob FP-TC's and at this point a Marbles Shorty ramp with .875 contour. The contour fits the .810 barrels pretty darn good. I do have to send the barrels back for front drill/tap that was missed.

My question is about fitting the Lyman #17 globe to the ramp. there is enough play that it slides tight in (not through) and obviously won't work like that.

So am I correct in wanting to proceed by striking dimples with a punch either on the ramp dovetail flat, the globe dovetail bevels, or both?
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Re: How to mount sight?

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 11 Feb 2017 18

Ramp dovetail, I wouldn't hit the sight.

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Re: How to mount sight?

Postby Archer » 14 Feb 2017 14

I'd dimple the sight base before trying to punch the dovetail cut since on some barrels that portion is thin anyway and the last thing you want is to make it worse.

I'd also go with a shim under the sight rather than dimple the dovetail slot.
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