new distraction: rebarrel something to .357 SIG!

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Re: new distraction: rebarrel something to .357 SIG!

Postby Archer » 25 Jan 2017 05

GasGuzzler wrote:I thought the swelled case issue was a Glock issue over many calibers not a .40SW issue. There's an XD40c in my family that doesn't swell brass...the ejector dings it a little though.

It is primarily a Glock issue in that you see it more often in brass fired in a Glock.
It's not an issue I would expect to have a large problem with since I'd ditch any picked up brass showing signs of it. However with both Lee and Redding selling systems to 'iron out the bulge' and people using them to return pregnant brass to something that will fit into the chamber (Rather than using them according to directions) it makes pick up brass a bit more suspect. Although the Lee system can be used for calibers other than .40 that's the one you see most folks messing with.

As Ohio3Wheels mentions it is a situation you see much more often with warmer loads as well.
.40 being quite a bit warmer than .45 ACP and 9mm generally not having as many problems due to size/area/form factor you tend to see the problem more often in .40 as well.
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Re: new distraction: rebarrel something to .357 SIG!

Postby alphalimafoxtrot » 25 Jan 2017 05

If I get into a .357 SIG gun, and reloading for that round, my plan is to buy once-fired .357 SIG brass since it is so darn cheap. From what I've learned the round was based on the 10mm not the .40 case. There's no reason to waste the effort or money to buy once-fired 10mm as it's expensive to do so - just get the used .357 SIG stuff is what I plan on.

I really will be shooting .357 SIG out of whatever gun I get, if it is .40 S&W to begin with. I only want to do this because my initial purchase of an ex-LE gun will provide me with cost savings on several levels: the gun will already be capable of multiple chamberings if I ever am inclined to shoot something other than .357 SIG. The gun will be fed by magazines that are cheap to begin with, as the mass-produced .40's are very available. I am not in the cash flow level where I will be buying a new, off-the-shelf handgun anytime soon - so I'm being realistic from my own economic viewpoint.

So, for me, the .40 aspect is just a "bonus" and nothing I'm really concerned with. It's the .357 bullet I want screaming down the pipe of my Tupperware boomstick - not the .40 "short & weak"! :lol:

(no disrespect to the .40 S&W lovers out there!)

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Re: new distraction: rebarrel something to .357 SIG!

Postby GRV01 » 13 Nov 2017 22

Late to the party, sorry, but was tbinking about this and havent found a thread answering it -- i see 357SIG is sized to 355(?) in a jacketed roind but could one safely fire a cast 358 round through that barrel without excessive pressure?

And back on topic: i wonder if one could take a 4095 Hipoint carbine and convert it to a 357SIG? I imagine the barrel would be the hard part to overcome
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