Factory front sight dot size on a 92

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Factory front sight dot size on a 92

Postby Deleted User 4461 » 16 Jun 2018 13

I was unhappy with the size of the factory brass front sight on my 92.

I purchased a new front sight with a smaller white dot but the new sight was approximately 5/32 taller than the factory sight and left me with no adjustment on my rear buckhorn.

What I did about it.

With the factory front sight removed from the rifle, I used a small butane torch to heat the sight around the brass until I could easily remove the brass from the rest of the sight. The heat releases the brass by softening the epoxy that holds the dot in place.

On the back of the brass piece there is a small post protruding from the dot. I chucked up the small post into a pin vise so I could hold the brass portion easily.

I used a diamond hone to reduce the diameter of the brass dot to just a little larger than a 1/16 diameter. What I did was rotate the pin vise while I was passing over the diamond hone. I am sure a natural stone or even a man made stone would work just as well.

Once I was happy with the size of the dot, I cleaned the brass portion and the steel portion and epoxied them back together.

I have fired the sight over one hundred times on my 44mag rifle and the sight has held together and is much easier to cut a fine sight with.
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Re: Factory front sight dot size on a 92

Postby akuser47 » 17 Jun 2018 12

Good work, I am glad it is working
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Re: Factory front sight dot size on a 92

Postby Deleted User 4461 » 17 Jun 2018 23

Thank you Sir.
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