Model 92 miss fires/light strikes

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Model 92 miss fires/light strikes

Postby woden » 08 Feb 2018 13

Here is a good one I just experienced.
My Model 92 was light striking not firing periodically. It was really annoying as there did not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I thought about the usual culprits, worn out main spring, bad primers, broken or bent firing pin, old brass, etc. None of those seemed to be the problem. So I figured maybe the firing pin had some debris binding on it. So I took the gun apart, and low and behold the firing pin would not come out of the bolt. So I thought maybe there is a trick to it (i.e., maybe it needs to be turned or rotated to get it out of the bolt). No luck. So I went on line and studied the diagrams, and did not see anything that should stop it from sliding out. So I finally removed the extractor and then took a punch and tapped on the pin on the underside until it slid out the back of the bolt. It took a fair amount of force. I inspected the interior of the pin hole going through the bolt and noticed that there was a rough surface on the top where the safety cut out was. On this gun I had removed and plugged the former safety hole with the cutoff base of a 7mm diameter bullet. Well the rough surface was lose and I pushed on it with the punch and it fell out into the bolt body. I dumped it out and determined it was the lead core of the bullet I had plugged the safety hole with. All that remained in the hole was the jacket The core had separated and fallen down impeding the firing pin when it was positioned just right. So now I need to either use a all copper bullet base or some other method of plugging the hole. I think I am going to try some JB-Weld, or Devecon, in black color and see if that will hold up over time. If not , I will have to find some all copper bullet and cut off the base and tap it in like the previous one. Live and learn.
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Re: Model 92 miss fires/light strikes

Postby Mad Trapper » 08 Feb 2018 13

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Re: Model 92 miss fires/light strikes

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 08 Feb 2018 14

I believe a 25ACP case has been used to plug that hole.

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Re: Model 92 miss fires/light strikes

Postby rondog » 08 Feb 2018 18

Just buy a proper plug from Steve's instead trying to cobble in a bullet or case. Jeeze......Might as well just fill the hole with JB Weld.
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Re: Model 92 miss fires/light strikes

Postby GasGuzzler » 09 Feb 2018 06

Mad Trapper wrote:

Make sure and click on the "enlarge image" icon to get a better look at the product.
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