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M92 Help

05 Aug 2017 12

Hello everyone,
This is my first post other than introducing myself in the new members area, I recently bought a new but old stock Rossi 92 stainless 45 with a 20" barrel and decided to clean up the action. I just received Steve's video kit and just finished taking it apart with only one issue, I got to taking the firing pin out after removing the extractor and discovered there is no firing pin retaining pin nothing but an empty hole. I'm going to head out to the hardware store to try and find what I need but was wondering do I need anything other than a solid drift pin? Once I find a pin I can get on with the suggested modifications. Thank for any help.


Re: M92 Help

05 Aug 2017 15

Rossi might send you a pin if you cannot find one, just the matter of waiting to talk to them, but you should find some solid stock that will work.

Re: M92 Help

08 Oct 2017 19

There are a few places you can get them. For instance, if numrich has them, the firing pin retaining pin for a Puma should fit. I base that on the fact that the Rossi pin fits on a Puma bolt.
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