Refinishing my 92 wood

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Re: Refinishing my 92 wood

Postby rondog » 26 Jul 2017 15

ksmoose wrote:What is there to say but " I like "

Thanks! Kinda diggin' it myself. :D
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Re: Refinishing my 92 wood

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 26 Jul 2017 18

The staining from the Watco definitely brings out the grain. Very nice looking.

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Re: Refinishing my 92 wood

Postby mrcabinet » 15 Sep 2017 18

After re-working my own stock recently, my guess is that this "mystery wood" is most likely Mersawa or, possibly, Meranti. They are both a light hardwood of moderate strength that grow in Malaysia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and all the way up to India. They export the dickens out of this stuff. It is cheap and readily available.

It does have a grain that resembles some species of Mahogany and can be very attractive if finished properly. Using paste wood filler prior to staining and finishing will make it glass smooth.
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