FS: '92 .44 mag. 20"

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FS: '92 .44 mag. 20"

Postby mrcabinet » 18 Sep 2017 16

Up for sale is a mdl.92 2o" .44 mag that I bought brand new last April as a "fun" project. I have done pretty much everything you could want to do to a 92. The action, including trigger, has been gone through. The awful buckhorn rear sight was replaced with a Skinner peep. The stock has been modified to more of a '94 style with the top rounded over instead of square (doesn't smack the cheek bone anymore!), the metal buttplate replaced with a 3/4" Kick Eez pad, one of my homemade recoil reducers installed in the stock, all protected with 18 coats of exterior semi-gloss polyurethane. Way under 100 rounds through it - just enough to verify that it loves 240 gr. JSP's over 22.5 of 4227. This no longer snaps like a .44 - more like a .357 now.

You would be hard pressed to find a nicer 92. It's a great, fun shooter. The only reason I'm selling it is to fund another project. I have $600 in gun and parts invested, so that's what I'm looking to get out of it, plus shipping to your FFL. All the stock work and labor I put into it is free!

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Re: FS: '92 .44 mag. 20"

Postby TinMan » 18 Sep 2017 21

Nice rifle. Good luck with the sale. :arrow:
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