Budget Eyewear

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Budget Eyewear

Postby GasGuzzler » 05 Nov 2017 09

I'm not much of a scope guy. Even my 16" AR15 has GI style carry handle/A2 sights. I'm almost done building another but in 20" barrel length with some very nice parts and I'm going to put a scope on to take advantage of the 1/7 twist and long barrel.

Today I found this combination that retails for $240 that when combined with 140 rounds of Red Army 7.62X39 for my O-PAP, came in at $115 to the door. Orders over $99 get $5.00 shipping so at the very low price for the ammo it was a good deal. Scope, mount, 140 rounds of AK ammo for $115!!!

Link to Scope 74% off
Link to Redfield AR Scope Mount 60% Off
Link to Red Army Russian AK Ammo $4.49 per 20

When I get the build done I'll post some pics and one day I'll write a brief review. Not sure where the Cabela's scopes are made but they have OK reviews and a lifetime warranty through Cabela's. I know there's much better glass out there but I doubt there's better for $50. We shall see.....

If interested I can describe the whole build. RD would likely want to move the topic.
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Re: Budget Eyewear

Postby desertrider » 05 Nov 2017 12

Not a bad price for everything. If you have any problems with it, that lifetime warranty can come in pretty handy. Once it is repaired/replaced, you can turn around and sell it and probably get back what you paid for it. Sounds like a win-win to me.

I like that SPR mount, and the price is right. I just may have to order one for myself. I have an optic mounted on a rifle that I need more eye relief on.
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