"Thanks" Feature

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"Thanks" Feature

Postby Ranch Dog » 14 Jan 2013 00

Note: "Thanks" is not available in the mobile view. If you are using this view on your device and want to offer an individual your thanks, you will need to just post it.

You will notice a new feature that allows you to "Thank" an individual's post (small thumbs up symbol). In the posters profile on the right side of a post, is a count of thanks received and sent. Your user control panel has two selections that allow you to choose to receive PMs or emails if a "Thanks" is received.

If the thanks is given in error, you can remove it by clicking on the thumbs down symbol after it has been given.

Post rating is built on a number of thanks for the posts. A 100% rating is the highest number of thanks for post (leader). Rating the remaining posts is defined as a percentage of the ranking leader. For example, post #1 has 10 thanks and is rated 100%. Then post #2 receives 5 thanks so it will have a rating of 50% (10/5). Post #3 with 3 thanks will have a rating of 33.3% (10/3), etc. If the post #1 receives another "Thanks" (10 + 1 = 11), his rating will remain 100% (as leader). Rating post #2 is now 45.5% (11/5), and #3 is 27.3% (11/3). Position ranking is determined by the number of thanks. Topics rating is made up of the sum of the topic's posts thanks. Forum's rating is made up of the sum of the forum's posts thanks.

In order to see which posts you receive a "Thanks", you must have the notifications selected on your "User Control Panel".

The "Thanks" feature is not available in the forum's mobile view.

Thanks Notification.jpg
To get to this page, select:
  • User Control Panel
  • Board Preferences
  • Select either or both PM or email notifications.
  • Save your settings.
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