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Sending a Private Message

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2014 07
by Ranch Dog
I've had a couple of reports from members questioning whether a PM has been sent or not.

What has happened in these reports is that a message is prepped to a user and "Submit" is clicked. At this point a "preview" is opening and the members are not certain if the message has been sent. It has not, but the forum software is responding exactly as it should.

PHPbb3 goes through a username check before a message is sent. It is done as the name is added to the message via the "Add" button or as the message is submitted via the "Submit" button through a preview. Using the "Add " button after entering a username will complete the check and one click on the "Submit" button will send the PM. If you haven't used the "Add" button, you will get the preview (where the username check is completed) and then need to "Submit" the message again via that button.

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