UPDATE--Rossi 92 Finally Back From Factory Service

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UPDATE--Rossi 92 Finally Back From Factory Service

Postby North Idaho Shooter » 11 Mar 2017 13

After having my 92 for nearly three months, I got it back from Rossi (see my earlier post "Rossi Repair Service" in this topic), and trying it out, I had high hopes that it would "wear itself in." NO CHANCE.

After cycling it between 250 and 500 times (I lost count), using snap-caps, it is NO BETTER. To feed a cartridge from the magazine tube, it literally has to be SLAMMED shut, and even that doesn't always work. Also, over half of the screws through the side of the receiver were LOOSE. On top of that, I noticed that the "anti-droop" parts for the lever are not even there--no plunger, spring, or pin. In all fairness, those parts could be still in the oversized lever that I had the gunsmith remove and replace with the factory standard lever before shipping it in to Rossi, but even if that is the case, Rossi NEVER should have sent it back missing parts, even if they had to charge me for it. I guess they didn't charge me because they NEVER FIXED IT!

Local gunsmith is still out of town for at least two more weeks on a family emergency, so I'll have to wait to find out what exactly we are going to do.

Some research shows that it might be the ejector spring, as the rifle is difficult to close the last 1/4 to 3/8" or so. I have ordered up a new ejector spring, disassembly/reassembly DVD and a tool set from Steve's Gunz, and it should be here next week. Just might give a shot repairing it myself--I can't do much worse that the factory.

Really too bad, too. I have 5 Rossi 92's--4 of them bought brand new since 2013, and this one, purchased used but unfired. Guess I'll have to be more careful when buying used--maybe run some snap-caps through it before payment.

Pretty disgusted with the whole thing right about now.
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Re: UPDATE--Rossi 92 Finally Back From Factory Service

Postby Ranch Dog » 11 Mar 2017 14

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Ranch Dog
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Re: UPDATE--Rossi 92 Finally Back From Factory Service

Postby akuser47 » 11 Mar 2017 18

Arghh, Sorry to hear this keep us posted to your process and what is found.
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Re: UPDATE--Rossi 92 Finally Back From Factory Service

Postby Archer » 12 Mar 2017 14

I've bought used with a cursory inspection on a few things but frankly with respect to firearms, used or new a darned good inspection is pretty much a requirement. I've passed on new guns on the rack because they had problems from the factory. I've found guns from reputable manufacturers with problems that should not have left the factory and at least a couple that worked perfectly but had problems that made disassembly or reassembly very difficult or almost impossible and weren't detected until long after they were purchased.

Used you also have to worry about wear and tear or abuse and parts swapping. Cracked grips or stocks are common. Aftermarket parts of uncertain quality, modifications with files or sanding or mucking about with a dremel, lack of a quality magazine, broken springs, bent or misaligned sights, modified safeties or sear engagements. Some folks just have to muck with things until they don't work and then they'll trade or sell them off without fixing them. Others plan to get something fixed but pass away before it happens and then it gets sold off by heirs who may not even know there's an issue.

I've noticed a distinct lack of communication between repair shops of all kinds, not just firearms, and the customer.
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