Rossi Repair Service

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Rossi Repair Service

Postby North Idaho Shooter » 03 Mar 2017 10

Last August, I purchased a used Rossi 92-20" octagon barrel, color-case receiver, 45 Colt- from a private party locally. He claimed he had never fired it, and I wouldn't disagree with that statement. I took it in to a local gunsmith to have the color-case parts Duracoated, brought it home and put it in the safe. I ordered a large loop lever from Steve's GunZ, took it back to the gunsmith to have him install it. When I picked it up from the gunsmith and brought it home, I found that it would not feed from the mag tube. The first round went into the chamber just fine, but rounds were not being released from the magazine. I took it back to the gunsmith, and he checked it over and said that it appeared to have some incorrect parts installed. The guns shop contacted Rossi, and got a Return Authorization with the promise of "We'll look at it and let you know if we can warranty it." That was back in late November.

By the time the gunsmith changed out the big loop lever for the original lever and they got it sent out, Rossi received it on December 14, saying it would be about 6 weeks.

Long story short, it came in about 10 days ago, and I finally got notice and picked it up. Rossi may have a taken awhile, but they repaired it for ZERO charge, and even paid for the shipping to them.

I have not shot it yet, but I have run some dummy cartridges through it. It seems to work fine now,as long as the lever is worked with authority. It's still a bit stiff, but then again, it is essentially NEW. I'm sure that with some use and a good cleaning and lubing, it will improve tremendously.

The gunsmith is out of town for a couple of weeks, as his mother just passed away, so it will be probably another month before I can get the lever installed.

By the way, I currently own 5 Rossi 92's, and this is the first one that I have had problems with--the other four were all purchased new in the last few years. The 92 I have in 45 Colt with a 16" barrel, big loop lever, blued was simply amazing out of the box--easily as smooth as some of my JM Marlins ever thought about being. I also have lever guns from Marlin and Winchester.
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Re: Rossi Repair Service

Postby akuser47 » 03 Mar 2017 10

Good to hear I'm going to move this into the customer service forum, keep us posted. +corn
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Re: Rossi Repair Service

Postby Ranch Dog » 04 Mar 2017 08

Thank you for the report. It is good to hear that everything went as it should.
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