Can't Get Parts or Info - LAST Rossi For Me - NEVER AGAIN!

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Can't Get Parts or Info - LAST Rossi For Me - NEVER AGAIN!

Postby Turkey Huntsman » 01 Feb 2017 15

It's a long story I won't tell here, but I need a new barrel for my .44 mag 16". Placed an order back in early OCTOBER 2016. Rossi said "out of stock, on backorder." Their inventory system is SO CRAPPY that even in this digital age they could not tell me:

1) How many pcs. are currently on backorder
2) How many other people are ahead of me in line for what finally arrives
3) ETA for any 16" barrels to arrive

My gun is laid up for 4 months now, without any indication for when I might actually be able to repair and use it - 1 more month, 2, maybe 6 - or maybe another year?

OH, and by the way...they have 20" barrels in stock but WON'T SELL ME ONE because they don't want the "liability" of changing the guns original configuration from 16" to 20" !!! Can you BELIEVE THIS??? IDIOTS, they are!

This is what you get when you buy something from a third-world country. You save $100 bucks off an AMERICAN-MADE product and then get $400 worth of non-use when repair time comes around.

A word to the wise: BUY AMERICAN. Rossi is actually not a bad gun, but their customer service might as well be non-existent.

Does anybody have a spare blued .44 barrel to sell? It can be any length - does not need to be 16" I just want to get the gun working again.

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Re: Can't Get Parts or Info - LAST Rossi For Me - NEVER AGA

Postby zippy » 01 Feb 2017 20

Sorry to hear you've rolled craps so far, but unfortunately it's not that unusual.

Nonsensical customer service is not a monopoly. My Smith & Wesson Shield recoil spring assembly failed during a time when posts to a S&W forum revealed a rash of failures. Even though the pistol was being produced in very high numbers, it took 3 1/2 months to get a replacement. Other forum posts showed this was typical, and no information was ever available from customer service.
That was over a year ago, and the recoil spring problems went away for a time. But now they've started again, and multiple people are again waiting months for a spring on an American high-production pistol. I've also had new a Mossberg rifle that could never get fixed properly, so I got rid of it.

Frustrating, absolutely. but hardly unique. My fix was to buy enough firearms so that every type I need has at least one backup, otherwise the frustration eats at me if I'm without a firearm I need at some point.
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Re: Can't Get Parts or Info - LAST Rossi For Me - NEVER AGA

Postby GasGuzzler » 01 Feb 2017 20

Dang, zippy. I just picked up a used Shield a couple months ago.....ran 50 through it fine but....?

Otherwise I replied in the other topic on this site.
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