Positive Experience with Braztech CS

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Positive Experience with Braztech CS

Postby dlidster » 23 Aug 2015 08

(Note: I posted this on another forum. I believe news of positive CS experiences deserves to be spread around.)

I'm 72 years old and have and have had quite a few guns. I've had almost no problems with any of them. I had a situation with a Ruger pistol that Ruger handled in a remarkably quick and friendly manner. And when I launched a sear spring into an unexplored region of my shop, Hi-Point mailed me a new one immediately at no cost. That's my lifetime experience with firearms manufacturers customer service.

Today I had my third CS experience, this time with Braztech. It was a good one. During the disassembly of my R92 to perform a Steve Lunz routine I deformed the loading gate screw. I'm anal about screw slot appearance and pretty good at making them look like new again. Well, I fixed the screw, but couldn't get it to take a bluing. I couldn't live with a bright screw head on a blued receiver.

I dreaded contacting an outfit as big as Braztech for such a small part. But, while on their web site looking for a number to call, a little icon popped up inviting me to "chat." Shortly I was exchanging typed notes with Francesca. In no time at all she listened to my problem, took my name and address, and said I'd have the new screw in a few days. No charge. I received the screw just five days after my "chat" conversation.

I now have a very good feeling about Braztech. And I'm loving my R92.
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Re: Positive Experience with Braztech CS

Postby Ranch Dog » 23 Aug 2015 08

Thanks for the report and welcome to the forum! I've had a number of contacts with them and they have all been good. The biggy has been the restricted spare parts but there is not much to be done about that. I have notices that two US manufactured Taurus handguns; the 22PLY and 738, now have online parts.

I'm going to move this to the CS Experience Forum.
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Re: Positive Experience with Braztech CS

Postby akuser47 » 23 Aug 2015 20

Thanks for sharing, Its good to know there is still hope with rossi. Welcome aboard
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Re: Positive Experience with Braztech CS

Postby Rossizbill » 01 Apr 2016 12

They responded very quickly to my problem. Creates good vibes for the company.
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Re: Positive Experience with Braztech CS

Postby DAardvark » 13 Jun 2016 19

I've chatted with Fran 3 time. she is always nice. Except for a b@$%@&d named Saragon, the CS people are helpful and courteous within their ability to help. I feel like I've fairly sampled their staff this year. Ivan and Edrika are real standouts. Glad they helped you and if you needed a screw they still make, you should have expected good service.

I had an old PT99-AF, Taurus I know but seems like the same outfit, repaired. That took about 6 weeks and I was happy. So as long as the problem is easy, they likely do decent service.
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