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Case Head Seperation

24 Feb 2020 18

All in all, I had a pretty good trip to the range today (hookey from my day job). Shot a few cast loads in my Marlin 30-30 and several jacketed and cast loads in my 44 mag R92. I had only 5 rounds left from some 4-5 year old loads using Rem JSFP 240 gr bullets and a good dose of AA#9 and put them in less than .8 inch group at (only) 50 yards. That was the last of them, and now I find out what they can do with the Weaver scope on the rifle. All the others in the small batch were either shot with iron sights on the R92, or my previously owned Ruger SRH. That was all the fun part of the trip. While I was winding down a good day a box of 240 gr LSWC loaded with 16.0 gr of AA#7 came out of the ammo bag. Seemed like that would be a nice low end magnum load to plink with. Surprise …. the first round sounded a bit odd, but the projectile hit the paper at about where I would have predicted it. But, the case head came out and the case body stayed put. I've been lucky so far and never had a case head separation but I've read just enough about remedies to "think" it would be a quick fix when I got home. Nope, a standard .44/.45 bore brush (pushed in through the muzzle - then pulled back to the middle of the case head, then pushed forward and reversing the bristles) just don't come close. So, I called my bud at the LGS to see if he either had the right tool or at least a 50 cal brush I could buy and try. He had case removal tools at home for quite a few other calibers, but not the 44 - but he looked on the shelves and found a 50 cal black powder brush (apparently smooth bore as it had straight aligned bristles rather than spiral), but said it had "shotgun threads" rather than "standard". I figured "no problem" since I had adapters for the shotgun brishes/mops. Went and picked it up and jawed a bit, then came home to find out the danged thing has 10/32 threads and I ain't got anything to convert it to fit my rods. Still got a stuck case!

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