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Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2018 22
by mr surveyor
o.k, now my dain bread head is twisting :lol: ! But, I'm going to finish ....

That was pretty exciting having such a group at 50 yards, iron sights, off a fairly unstable rest. Pretty puny velocity from 158 gr bullets, but accuracy (for me with irons) ain't too shabby. Fun break.

Anyway, after taking a break with the 357 mag to let the .44 mag cool down, the .44 mag was up for a 10 round string through the chrony. The accuracy for the 10 rounds through the chrony was only around 2 inches at 50 yards (best 8 rounds were 1.3 inch), but just like earlier they averaged 1629 fps.

I didn't have the time to set up for the 100 yard targets for the .44 mag since I had to shoot a couple of different 38 spl wad cutter loads through my old S&W Mod 36.


Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2018 09
by Mad Trapper
Thank you JD for the detailed report.
It is a tremendous help for me when working up my own loads.