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Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

01 Jul 2018 22

o.k, now my dain bread head is twisting :lol: ! But, I'm going to finish ....

That was pretty exciting having such a group at 50 yards, iron sights, off a fairly unstable rest. Pretty puny velocity from 158 gr bullets, but accuracy (for me with irons) ain't too shabby. Fun break.

Anyway, after taking a break with the 357 mag to let the .44 mag cool down, the .44 mag was up for a 10 round string through the chrony. The accuracy for the 10 rounds through the chrony was only around 2 inches at 50 yards (best 8 rounds were 1.3 inch), but just like earlier they averaged 1629 fps.

I didn't have the time to set up for the 100 yard targets for the .44 mag since I had to shoot a couple of different 38 spl wad cutter loads through my old S&W Mod 36.


Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

02 Jul 2018 09

Thank you JD for the detailed report.
It is a tremendous help for me when working up my own loads.

Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

10 Aug 2018 20

Instead of starting a new thread with the same topic, I figger it's time to update an older thread again :lol: After several weeks of getting pulled away from my favorite Friday, 6:00 pm, range time, I somehow managed to get a couple hours to call my own after work shut-down time. It was range time. I have been able to "covertly" slip out to the range for a hurried quickie at least once a week, but finally got to plan this quick trip. After 5 years of having put a couple of thousand rounds of various loadings of at least a dozen different bullet styles/weights/profiles through the 20" R92 .44 mag, I've pretty well set my pet loads on one cast bullet and one jacketed bullet. So, today I decided to just concentrate on just two targets of five rounds each of the two pet varieties. They obviously shoot to a different POI, so the scope (Weaver Scout Scope) crosshairs are fixed POA on the target crosshairs - just looking at the individual groups.



These are the only two bullets and powder loads I've used that are this consistent. The last two years of dealing with some crazy health issues have really set me back in my shooting abilities, and it's been impossible to judge most of the 2016 and 2017 targets from various calibers to rate my various caliber re-loads. Added to that, I still consider myself a rookie re-loader only having started in January of 2011.

But, it's been a heck of a ride +guns

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Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

11 Aug 2018 04


Re: Day Off and the .44 Mag

11 Aug 2018 08

It looks very nice JD, it likes those LeadHeads for sure!
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