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I May Be Getting There

11 Nov 2017 18

The last 18+ months seem to have really taken their toll on me, but I'm finally getting a bit of "it" back. I've had the hots for the LeadHead 265 gr gc Silh for the .44 mag since I got the R92. I've tinkered with various loads of both AA#9 and A2400 for a few years, and before my physical meltdown last year I'd found the 17.9 gr of AA#9 was by far the most accurate and consistent load ... at least with my R92. Well, between having the load identified for accuracy, and the Weaver Scout Scope dialed to that particular load, today I decided to shoot a 10 round group ... five rounds ... bore snake the barrel ... five more rounds. It ended up with a 10 round group with a vertical spread of 2.2 inch and horizontal 1.1 inch - all inside the 3 inch "shoot-n-see", shot from 50 yards from a bench with a shooting bag for rest. Yep, I know it's "from the bench", but I also know I could have done the same from offhand standing just a few short years ago.

I may have a miraculous rebound before I'm dead after all :)


Re: I May Be Getting There

11 Nov 2017 19

Welcome back to the living! Tell us more about your tinkering process.

Re: I May Be Getting There

11 Nov 2017 21

Love it. Thanks.

Re: I May Be Getting There

11 Nov 2017 22

Good to hear JD!

Re: I May Be Getting There

15 Nov 2017 18

Glad to see you posting, keep us posted as I say lol +corn
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