Range day 7Sept2017

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Range day 7Sept2017

Postby Archer » 10 Sep 2017 20

I had intended to hit the range with a couple of the shop guys and another engineer on Thursday 7Sept2017.
Plan was to take a couple 9mms a .45 ACP and a 38 SP and spend about an hour or so and bug.
Made the offer to the young engineers that I could bring a .22 LR or two if they wished.
One said sure and the other said she was having her next flight in a Mooney and couldn't make it on Thursday. The other engineer backed out at the last minute.

Got to the range with the remaining young engineer and found one of the shop guys there. They get off shift about an hour ahead of engineering most of the time and the engineer who flaked managed to delay our departure by about 30 minutes giving advice to the young engineer who was going about her tasks for the next day.

Turns out the remaining shop guy had also flaked due to 'football'.
The shop guy and I ran through basic safety, set up some targets and I ran the young engineer through the basics of the S&W 17 and let her go at it.

Later ran her through the Browning Buckmark Contour. This puppy wasn't making me happy however and with the ammo we had on hand was doing the failure to fire about 2 shots a mag of 10. Ammo was Remington Golden Bullets and Winchester Xpert bulkpack. Switched over to the Ruger MKII Target and it ate anything and everything fed to it.

Since I was dealing with a total newbie I felt compelled to monitor her and attempt to make certain she was safe and enjoying her first time at the range AND developing the ability to put the rounds downrange in some semblance of on/at the target.

As a result I got to fire a few rounds through the .22s. Then ran a mag or two through each of the 9mms, a Beretta Px4 and a Glock 17 with an OD frame. The shop guy wanted to run a couple mags through the 9mms. He had brought a 40 CZ but as I've shot one before and was busy with the newb I didn't try it out.
Our young engineer did try the 9mm Px4 and did ok with it but she was not exactly happy with the recoil.

The .45 ACP Rock Island and the 38 SP did not get used.
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Re: Range day 7Sept2017

Postby Ranch Dog » 12 Sep 2017 07

I need a range day.
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