.22 Rimfire Range Report 31Aug2017

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.22 Rimfire Range Report 31Aug2017

Postby Archer » 04 Sep 2017 15

.22 Rimfire Range Report 31Aug2017

Set up an after work outing today with some of the coworkers.
Couple of the young engineers bailed, one had the chance for her second flight in a Mooney and the other had a inquiry about a car she needs to sell. Left us with 1 young engineer (his wife was also invited but as a teacher apparently school had something unexpected pop up.) 1 former LEO, 1 3 gun guy and myself. Boss/Owner was also invited but wasn't able to attend.
I had brought too many guns as usual.
The former LEO brought a Colt Trailsman, Colt ACE 70 series and a 9mm Rock Island.
The 3 gun guy brought his Ruger Single Six, a S&W M&P 9mm.
Both of them being shop guys got off an hour early and hit the range for some fun with a few other items.

Engineering was a bit tense today and I left the operation around 30 minutes late or about 45 minutes after the shop guys.
The young engineer was about 5-10 minutes behind me.

The good news was my disassembly of the High Standard 107 Trophy had found the trigger bar spring to be installed incorrectly. I was going to go ahead and replace it but it seemed just a tad stronger than the Wolff replacement so I reinstalled the original, oiled the bar slightly with Slip200 EWL and worked it a bit and that gave it a tiny bit extra spring power plus seemed to loosen it up a bit. Hard to work it much once I got it reassembled as it's a rimfire.

Proof on the range however seemed pretty good. I was getting quarter sized off hand groups at short range with it and better when I could do my part. The trigger was a tiny bit sticky for me during my first 27 rounds or so but appeared to work well for the other 40 rounds the other guys put it through. None of the other guys had ever seen one much less handled a High Standard. I limited this gun to Standard velocity ammo and emptied out a plastic box of 57 rounds or so. I could have had fun shooting only this puppy all darned day.

The CZ-75Kadet was a hit with both the young engineer and the 3 gun guy. The 3 gun guy is a CZ fan but hasn't had a chance to shoot the Kadet before. He said he was going to have to get one now even though the price is up there now. I got mine for about $200 or $250 and probably paid $350 for the 75. I may have to get another CZ 9mm at some point if I can arrange it although I think going rate is now about $650 or $750.

Ran 20 through my returned Beretta NEOS. I think they may have 'mucked with my trigger' on the thing but it is such a swoopy chunk of plastic that I had only shot a couple times before sending it in that it is slightly hard to tell. The NEOS grip angle is just a bit too raked out. Unlike the Ruger MKII and the Luger it doesn't quite sit in the hand but is stressed/stretched out just a little too far. Beretta's insistence on using a bass akward safety where DOWN is SAFE and it's at the extreme rear of the gun right over the ball joint of your thumb doesn't help matters either. The plastic trigger FEELS wrong because it's plastic and very curved. That said the gun did function fine. This is a decent plinker but much like the more recent Smith (22A?) it just isn't the target pistol it's forbearers might be.

Smith & Wesson 17, Old one that's been somewhat abused. Functioned perfect as usual. Very accurate when I did my part. Noticed a bit of variation in the hits depending on how I focused my eyes my groups opened up a little as I got two distinct hit zones both would have been covered by an orange but they'd have been nickel or quarter sized if I'd have benched it and shut the left eye.

Got to shoot the Ruger Single Six with the magnum cylinder in it. Had to force 3 of the 6 rounds into the cylinder. They went but the chamber mouths were either tight or dirty. As I was the 3rd or 4th shooter that was a little annoying but not completely unexpected. What was unexpected was the action cocking the gun on the first couple rounds was extremely rough. The gun shot well but it NEEDS some attention if not a trip back to mama Ruger. It ejected easy and once I realized that it was just a bit rough but still functional it was ok. It wasn't exactly binding or visibly out of time and didn't seem to be spitting any lead or anything but it was in need of a tear down, extra cleaning, soak or something assuming there weren't any burrs or anything somewhere.

Got to shoot the Colt ACE. I'm in LOVE! THAT is a DAMN FINE bit of work! SOLID! ACCURATE! AWESOME!
Only downside I see is getting one is a PITA and mags have always been a problem to get as well.
It would probably hang with the target pistols for accuracy and it was just darned fun.

Got to shoot the Rock Island 9mm 1911 and it was EXCELLENT! I WANT one of these as well. Same problem as they are I think no longer on the DOJ extortion list AND Rock only makes a few of them each year so even when they were on the list getting one was a bit of a pain.

I let the young engineer shoot my Browning Buckmark Contour. He's shot it before. He requested to be allowed to shoot it again this time and I think he may decide to get a Buckmark if not the Contour. His father is the owner and he's got a Buckmark Camper. IF Browning continues to manufacture the few Buckmarks that are on the CA DOJ Approved list they could own the decent .22 target pistol market in CA. The problem being that Browning typically has to change it up and tends to rotate through their models periodically putting out NEW stuff and letting the old ones fade out. Part of that's the fact that Browning as a brand has generally contracted their production out to FN, Beretta and Japan and part of that is just Browning.

Didn't manage to fire the Smith 48, Smith 41, Ruger MKII Target, CZ-75 9mm this go around.
I need to cut down on what I bring out each trip and start coming out twice or thrice as often.
Also didn't get a chance at the Tailsman. Would have liked to have tried it out but we were running just a little late and didn't have as much time as I'd intended.
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Re: .22 Rimfire Range Report 31Aug2017

Postby GasGuzzler » 04 Sep 2017 21

My RIA 1911 is too sweet to consider a real Colt.

I would like a full size in 9.
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Re: .22 Rimfire Range Report 31Aug2017

Postby akuser47 » 09 Sep 2017 23

Sounds like you had a great day shooting +guns
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