Missed Range Trip

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Missed Range Trip

Postby Archer » 08 Jul 2017 01

Was supposed to go to the range with a couple of my coworkers yesterday after work.
One of the guys wanted to try my M1A and a FN/FAL to decide which he'd buy.
I suspect he's a FN/FAL kind of guy but getting a M1A might be easier especially with CA's current idiotic set of laws. He's a 3 gun competition type.

The other's a young engineer who's just getting started on firearms.
Might have had another who's not new to firearms but who's always out to try something new.
Three's getting close to as many as I want to be responsible for at the range but one of these guys is also a member.

Work's been hectic for the shop and the first guy bowed out around halfway through the day.
Halfway through the afternoon the second guy had to ditch because his young dog's had some complications with surgery to keep her tearducts from popping out.
The third guy could really use the stress relief but I am unable to run him down before the end of the day.

I decide to pack it in myself in favor of getting one of my guns into the dealer to be returned under recall.
The gun hasn't exhibited the behavior that's under recall and the manufacturer hasn't be able to duplicate the problem but they've got a fix and since they do I'm unwilling to ignore the 'upgrade' since it's a potential safety issue.
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Re: Missed Range Trip

Postby GRV01 » 08 Jul 2017 04

Been there. Got a work buddy ive got into getting a couple firearms and weve met at the range a couple times but each time mightve been a miracle

Im an early riser but he isnt, he likes to go Saturday i prefer Thu/Fri, etc but worst of all we live like 50 miles from each other or more and have to meet at a range somewhere in the middle

A property we can shoot on has been added to the Retirement Wishlist for my wife and i
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Re: Missed Range Trip

Postby Ranch Dog » 08 Jul 2017 07

GRV01 wrote:A property we can shoot on has been added to the Retirement Wishlist for my wife and i

Amen to that brother!
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Ranch Dog
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Re: Missed Range Trip

Postby runfiverun » 08 Jul 2017 19

I hang out with mostly old retired guy's and it's hard to get with them to go shooting.
funny thing is I met them all at the range.
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Re: Missed Range Trip

Postby GasGuzzler » 08 Jul 2017 21

No range here. Everyone has problems.
I've always been crazy but it's kept me from going insane.
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