Shooting [with] the in-laws

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Shooting [with] the in-laws

Postby GRV01 » 20 Jun 2017 08

Just got back from Georgia with the wife and kids visiting inlaws. Brave white tails and turkeys wandering around the back yard munching ruffage while i watched them from the porch itching for my M92 in 357

We took a bunch of his guns and ours out to his property and shot up some offending Wal-Mart brand ginger ale cans and paper targets

First up was his Ruger Redhawk (i believe) in 454 Casull. I fired some 45LC i bought and wanted to try, felt good, then for S&G's he loaded it with two 454s. Helluva kick and while my wrist felt fine the trigger guard bit the hell out of my finger.

One band aid later i shot his Ruger Redhawk in 44 mag. First time firing that from a pistol. No thanks. The recoil wasnt fun, not painful, more annoying i guess. Ill stick with my 357

Next was his S&W 500 with the ported barrel. Recoil was big but not snappy like the 454, i was surprised to see. Pressure im guessing, though the porting surely helped. My FIL fired one round without hearing protection. Only one though :D

Finally for his guns we shot his KelTec PMR30(?) with 30 rounds of 22 mag in the magazine. It refused to feed hollowpoints but ball fired just fine and quickly. That gun is a feather weight even fully loaded

To wrap up my wife and I fired our Rossi M92 357s with my reloads of HP38 and HS6. The formers accuracy is great and the latters pressure and recoil are very manageable drspite clocking an estimated 1100ish fps out of my 20" round barrel.

Of those cans of soda we let none survive.

Good times were had and ive learned a few things: you can keep your autoloaders, ill stick to revolvers thank you; and i dont care for 454!
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Re: Shooting [with] the in-laws

Postby akuser47 » 21 Jun 2017 00

Glad it's with and not at :lol: . Sounds like good times thanks for sharing.
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Re: Shooting [with] the in-laws

Postby Ranch Dog » 21 Jun 2017 06

Good times!
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