Super Short Range

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Super Short Range

Postby GasGuzzler » 11 Oct 2017 19

I read about it a lot. Please explain why people shoot 25 yd groups with a rifle then measure the group.

25 yds? Throw a rock or use a gut gun.

I find it odd.
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Re: Super Short Range

Postby GRV01 » 11 Oct 2017 20

For awhile it was my only option as the indoor range i shot at maxed at 20yds then i found a great outdoor range, shot there once at 100yds and loved it but then i had to move :(

Still looking for a nice one where im at now but theyre far (70miles one way!)

So thats my excuse, i didnt choose 25yds but it was all i had
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Re: Super Short Range

Postby Ranch Dog » 12 Oct 2017 06

It probably is the only available distance they can shoot. I've gotten my initial shots with any proposed loads are at 25-yards, if the bullet holes don't touch each other, they are not worth pursuing any further. I also use 25-yards to adjust the windage, the left vs. right POI, with a freshly bore sighted rifle. I do not buy into the 25-yard sight in for other ranges at all.
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Re: Super Short Range

Postby HarryAlonzo » 12 Oct 2017 10

Yup, 25 yards is a good starter range after bore sighting. After zeroing at whatever, I like to take a few short shots (7-10 yards) to see where it hits. If the scope is sitting high off the barrel, the results can be surprising, and that's good information to have in the field.
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