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Whether plinking or chasing big game, tell us about your day outdoors!
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River Bottom Corn Cruncher

07 Feb 2019 15

I did not get to stay up north this past hunting season long enough to use a firearm . So as usual I sat in a tree with a bow and those long, fletched shafts fitted with a nasty razor cutter.

First time I saw "Basket" he came along my trail I walked across the cow pasture to get to my tree stand 25 yards into the river bottoms off the edge of the pasture at about 3:30 pm. He came walking along but instantly stopped upon finding my trail about 4 pm. I rub down all my gear with fallen apples and especially my boots. Basket stopped, sniffed both directions and at about 60 yards from me then came right along my path.
When he was at 40 yards he stopped and looked back over his shoulder again as he had done several other times. He walked up to where the pasture ended (25 yards from me) and again looked back. I was now convinced some other buck was trailing.
Basket left the pasture still following my apple footprints stopping at a log that crosses the trail 20 yards away. I had already decided to not stick Basket as he looked back again. He next bent down to sniff the log looking it over and licked it. But he did not step over. He turned to his left and just stood there a perfect chest shot. But it was not his day to be mine so slowly walked along the log finally turning to his left again walking slowly browsing out of sight. Time was about 4:15 pm.
No other bean eater showed up that day.

Four days later I was in the same stand having entered the same way using the same apple juice.
About 4:45 pm heard a twig snap back up in the river bottoms towards my front. Listening carefully heard another russle closer but the same dirrection from the woods on the west side of the pasture. That area is about 70 yards wide up there narrowing as it gets closer where the tree stamd is.

About 4:55 saw definate movement about 60 yards away in the tangled mess somewhat to my left front. Another 5 minutes and saw what looked like a corn cruncher slowly browsing in the right dirrection. At 50 yards could see enough to know it was a single deer. At 35 yards and looking to pass between me and the river could see it was a large deer. At 30 yards through an oppening saw it was Basket browsing along. Slowly he came along and looked like he would pass through an open area to my left at 25 yards.
At this point I said to God " Do you want me to stick this buck ?"
So step by step Basket continued on his route. Centered in the 25 yard opening he stopped walking and stood broadside his left side facing me. I was at full pull and again asked "Father... him"? At that moment Basket lowered his head to munch something and I had my answer.
Zip... Thwap! Basket hunched hard, leaped. spun and flew off in the direction he came from. I knew he was hit hard. Now it would just be a matter of tracking him from the spot I lost sight and could only hear his brush busting escape.
Climbed down about 5:20, gathered my gear and went to the point of impact. Arrow had past clean through completely painted red. Marked that spot with that orange plastic "ribbon" and every 5 yards. Found the first blood 10 yards away which became ever increasing. 80 yards out found a pool where Basket has stopped. 95 yards was a log he had leaned against well painted and just 5 yards more behind a large bush he lay where he collapsed. It was here I noticed he was a far larger buck (3 year molars) and had lost his original rack early but growing the new 7 inch spikes.

Did the necessaries there as fast as possible as the light was near gone. Finished using my headland. Dragged him 45 yards to a large tree on a low ridge that runs parallel to the river using the headlamp on a very dark cloudy night getting cold fast the last week of October. Well marked the tree with orange ribbon then walked out marking my path to the pasture. From there it was a 1/4 mile to the farmers house and his pickup. With his help we dragged Basket out to the pasture and loaded him in the pickup (he was heavy) for the ride to the barn to hang for the night.

Jim's 2018 3 point basket shed.JPG

Mike in Peru
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Re: River Bottom Corn Cruncher

07 Feb 2019 15

Love reading about the experience +guns

Re: River Bottom Corn Cruncher

08 Feb 2019 18

Great write up! I love hunting stories! He is a fat fellow!

Re: River Bottom Corn Cruncher

09 Feb 2019 12


Terrific description, felt like being in the tree stand with you.

Thanks for sharing the story.

Re: River Bottom Corn Cruncher

23 Feb 2019 10

congratulations on your deer. it was a great story thanks for posting
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