Marauding German Boar Menace

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Marauding German Boar Menace

Postby zippy » 05 Dec 2017 06

I read this story of a German hunter killed by a boar, then read some of the associated linked stories. It seems that German boar are now rampaging through densely populated urban areas, attacking groups of people, and even entering a bank to attack customers.

Glad you hunters keep pressure on this menace. Y'all be careful out there. ... a-41649912
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Re: Marauding German Boar Menace

Postby Ranch Dog » 05 Dec 2017 07

European boars have a bit more anger in them that our feral hogs although I've been rolled around a bit. There are several Youtube videos that show hunters getting a good beating from them.
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Re: Marauding German Boar Menace

Postby Mad Trapper » 05 Dec 2017 10

I remember an old army buddy who was stationed in germany back in the late 70s/early 80s.
He told us about when they would go into the black forest and conduct military maneuvers.
He said the boars would bed down at night and form a large circle, with the female and young protected in the center.
If you were moving around at night and stumbled into their perimeter, you were dead meat.
Ive never dealt with wild boar, just hogs on a farm is my only experience.
But these wild boar seem to be just as dangerous , or more dangerous as our black bear.
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