Field Report ~ 92 45 Colt & XTP

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Re: Field Report ~ 92 45 Colt & XTP

Postby woden » 28 Dec 2017 14

I did get back out last Friday for a late season doe hunt. I did score on a nice fat doe about 120 lbs dressed. Shot her at 75 yards in a rye field, quartering to me with the .45 92 and a marbles tanger. The load was the 240 grain xtp mag, in front of 27.4 grains of H110. I did not get to chrono this load so my guess is the velocity was in the 1800 fps range.
Regardless. I shot the deer quartering to me. The first shot went in the lungs behind the shoulder and angled through the liver and into the off side hind quarter. Bullet was found on offside under the hide slightly expanded in a square shape. The first shot made a loud thunk and the deer jumped in the air and ran towards me but at a angle. I was in a log ground blind shooting through a small opening. By time I stood up and racked another round, I figured I better keep on shooting as I did not want a long track job. Second shot the deer was now about 25 yards away running at a right angle behind some brush and small saplings. I shot at the form moving through the brush, and it appeared that I hit the animal but it kept on running. Third shot, now the deer is about 40 yards out and starting to angle away. The third shot hit home and/or she gave up the ghost and went down. The second shot apparently hit in the brisket and wrecked the wind pipe on the way out. The third shot hit in the neck and passed through doing minor damage missing the spine.

Upon butchering the animal, I examined the terminal effects of this combination. My conclusion based on only one event, is that this bullet/load did not appear to do as much damage as my previously used combination discussed at the beginning of this thread (300 grain non mag xtp).
The deer I shot last week, may have died in a few more yards regardless of the second and third shots, but the bullet wound path of shot number one was not that impressive, made a nice entry hole going in as it hit a rib, but more or less left a small wound path going through the liver and only penciled through the back hind quarter. The bullet path of number 2 was pretty impressive with a caliber hole in and a golf ball size hole going out. Number three was just a caliber hole going in and out.

This load is a starting load as far as powder amount, and may benifit from some more velocity.

Dead is dead so cannot complain, and it was darn fun hunting with the 92 and taking a great animal with a lever with a tang sight on it. I felt like John Wayne there for a moment, pumping lead from my 92.

I may try this load again, as the late season is still open, and obtain a little more meat. If I do, I will report back.

At some point I will try to post a pic.

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Re: Field Report ~ 92 45 Colt & XTP

Postby Ranch Dog » 28 Dec 2017 16

Thanks for the report.
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Re: Field Report ~ 92 45 Colt & XTP

Postby Moon Tree » 31 Dec 2017 09

I enjoyed the story and the report.
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